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Annual business broadband report

It’s the rare business today which doesn’t rely on broadband access in some way. Whether you’re a purely online service such as Broadband Genie or a company which uses the internet for crucial aspects of operation such as logistics and recruitment, reliable and affordable broadband is an absolute must. Yet for many businesses this important utility is the source of constant headaches as connections drop out, take an age to install or simply fail to provide the required level of performance.

For several years we’ve been examining the state of consumer broadband in our annual Home Broadband Survey. Now we’re launching a new feature focusing on the commercial market.

For our first business broadband survey Broadband Genie queried 500 decision makers at organisations across the country to explore their experiences with business broadband. As well as ranking ISPs in key areas, the survey provides a broad picture of business broadband performance on both the national and local level.

UK business broadband satisfaction

Is your business broadband up to the job? We asked companies to rate their satisfaction with customer service, technical support, speed, reliability and value for money. The results were collated into a percentage rating, giving us a broad overview of business broadband performance across the UK.

Overall business broadband satisfaction: 76%



Technical support


Customer Support

Business broadband regional map

Below the results are broken down by region to show how broadband performs in different areas. Using the map you can compare statistics on a regional basis and find out how your area stacks up against the rest of the UK. Select a category and click a region on the map to view the results for that location.

Most Satisfied: East Midlands

Satisfaction score: 84%

most satisfied region - east midlands - 83%

Least Satisfied: North East

Satisfaction score: 67%

least satisfied region - north east - 68%

Broadband disruption to UK businesses

The impact of an interruption to broadband service can be severe. Our research found that it can cost businesses hundreds of pounds every hour, yet millions of organisations may suffer problems on a regular basis.

An estimated 1.5 million businesses suffer with their broadband at least once a week or more [1]

On average it costs a business £904 for every hour their broadband is down during working hours

Just ​under ​half of businesses have​ no​ dedicated internal or external staff responsible for resolving problems with a broadband connection

How much could it cost your business if your broadband went down?

Business spend on broadband

We asked businesses for further details of the financial cost of their broadband: how much they were spending, how often they changed providers, and what motivated their last business broadband switch.

On average businesses spend £139 a month on their broadband

What convinced you to switch your business' broadband?

Cheaper deal available (60%)
Faster broadband available (57%)
Poor customer service (25%)
Moved office (18%)
Recommendation from another party (17%)
Other (2%)

Half of businesses have never switched their broadband provider

Why haven't you ever personally switched your business' broadband?

I don't know how (4%)
Too much hassle (24%)
Risk of losing service (20%)
I'm satisfied with my current service (58%)
Committed to a long-term contract (15%)
Other (5%)

How much do you spend on broadband compared to other businesses of similar size?

Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme analysis

The Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme was a government program to help businesses get faster connectivity with upgrade vouchers worth up to £3,000. [2]

£40m allocated to funding the Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme

More than 55,000 SMEs took advantage of the scheme

Government's return on investment is £5 for every £1 spent

SMEs took broadband services that are on average 11 times faster than their previous service

86% of firms reported that their broadband upgrade had increased employee effectiveness

Which business providers have the best ratings?

We asked respondents to our business broadband survey to rate their supplier for customer service, technical support, reliability, value and speed. The chart below shows the highest rated networks alongside the average score. Provider ratings for each category can be viewed by hovering your mouse cursor over the ‘i’ symbol.

Zen Internet logo

Top rated provider (88%)

(78% average)

Founded in 1995, Zen Internet is one of the UK’s oldest internet service providers. While it does have a loyal following amongst discerning home users, Zen has long focused on the business market. Zen came out on top in three of the five categories in our survey, garnering the highest combined rating of 88% compared to an average of 78%.

Best customer service winner was Zen Internet with 96%. Average was 77% Hover to view the data for customer service BT Business: 74%
Virgin Media Business: 76%
Residential supplier: 74%
PlusNet Business: 81%
TalkTalk Business: 70%
XLN Business: 80%
KCOM: 74%
Zen Internet: 96%
Daisy Group: 80%
Other: 68%
Zen Internet Logo


Best technical support winner was Zen Internet with 92%. Average was 77% Hover to view the data for technical support BT Business: 75%
Virgin Media Business: 78%
Residential supplier: 74%
PlusNet Business: 79%
TalkTalk Business: 68%
XLN Business: 78%
KCOM: 71%
Zen Internet: 92%
Daisy Group: 78%
Other: 72%
Zen Internet Logo


Most reliable winner was KCOM with 94%. Average was 80% Hover to view the data for reliability BT Business: 80%
Virgin Media Business: 81%
Residential supplier: 80%
PlusNet Business: 78%
TalkTalk Business: 72%
XLN Business: 80%
KCOM: 94%
Zen Internet: 92%
Daisy Group: 74%
Other: 72%


Speed satisfaction winner was Virgin Media with 82%. Average was 74% Hover to view the data for speed satisfaction BT Business: 79%
Virgin Media Business: 82%
Residential supplier: 79%
PlusNet Business: 71%
TalkTalk Business: 71%
XLN Business: 80%
KCOM: 69%
Zen Internet: 74%
Daisy Group: 66%
Other: 69%
Virgin Media Logo


Best value provider winner was Zen Internet with 88%. Average was 80% Hover to view the data for value BT Business: 74%
Virgin Media Business: 75%
Residential supplier: 78%
PlusNet Business: 82%
TalkTalk Business: 76%
XLN Business: 80%
KCOM: 71%
Zen Internet: 88%
Daisy Group: 84%
Other: 75%
Zen Internet Logo