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How to cancel Gigaclear Broadband

What you need to know about cancelling Gigaclear Broadband

Are you moving home and Gigaclear doesn’t serve your new area? Fancy a fresh start with a new broadband provider? On this page, you’ll find some handy information to make cancelling or switching a doddle.

What to do before you cancel Gigaclear Broadband

Before you get in touch with Gigaclear customer support, it’s worth looking at your original documents you received when you signed up for its broadband service. Check when your contract expired, or how long you have left. If you’re out of your minimum term, cancelling will be a simple process.

Here’s how to switch broadband and get an amazing deal.

Check your contract

You must check your original Gigaclear contract before doing anything. Gigaclear packages tend to have a minimum term of 18 months.

The only exception to this is that you’ll have the right to cancel your contract within the 14-day cooling-off period. When this happens, you’ll only be charged for the services you’ve already made use of. We recommend making a note of this on your activation date. 

Gigaclear also has generous policy if you're moving home outside of its network. But, you'll need to show proof of your move.

Find a new broadband deal

Unless you’re cancelling because you no longer need broadband, you’ll need to pick a new package to move to after your Gigaclear contract ends.

Finding a new provider is simple with Broadband Genie. To get started, enter your address and find out what’s available in your area:

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Let’s take a look at some of the top broadband deals available in the UK right now:

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How to cancel Gigaclear Broadband

If you’re out of contract: cancelling Gigaclear for free

As long as you’re out of contract, cancelling is easy. You're free to look around for a new deal.

If you’ve not received a notification of transfer within a couple of days of switching, it’s worth checking in with Gigaclear Customer Operations to confirm. You can call the Customer Care team on 01865 591 131.

For more information on call centre opening times and other ways to get in contact, check out our guide to Gigaclear broadband customer service, problems and complaints.

As the Gigaclear network is completely standalone, any other provider you move to will probably need an engineer visit. Many other providers (ISPs) run off the Openreach broadband network. Other than Virgin Media, which also runs off its own cable network, you might be hard-pushed to find a broadband provider that can offer speeds matching Gigaclear’s.

Cancelling Gigaclear if you’re still in contract

If you’re still under contract, leaving early will mean you’ll have to pay an early termination fee. Gigaclear full fibre broadband packages tend to have a minimum term of 18 months. An early termination charge will amount to the cost of your broadband monthly charge for every month you have left until the end of your contract. There might also be a one-off cancellation fee of £30 to cover the admin for your early cancellation.

You might be cancelling because you no longer need broadband, but you could also be moving and Gigaclear doesn’t serve your new area. If you’re looking to move home but you’re still under contract, your first port of call should be Gigaclear’s availability checker.

You’ll need to complete a Moving House form and send it back to the Customer Loyalty Team at [email protected]. You can also call 01865 968 646. You’ll have to provide either a letter from your solicitor confirming your house move, or a copy of your Tenancy Agreement.

You can send a copy of your documents, along with the form to:

Customer Loyalty,
Gigaclear Ltd.
Building One
Wyndyke Furlong
OX14 1UQ

Gigaclear concentrates on providing fibre optic broadband to rural areas. If Gigaclear is unavailable at your new address, your service will cease on the date you requested.

Cancelling Gigaclear if you’re moving home

Gigaclear is helpful and clear when it comes to moving home. As its service isn't as far-reaching as some internet service providers, it recognises it might not always be possible to transfer a service. In this case, if you're moving to an address that isn't in the Gigaclear Network service area during your minimum term, you won't have to pay any Early Termination Charge.

You'll be asked to provide evidence of your home move and complete a Moving House Form. You'll be able to email this to [email protected].

You can speak to a member of the Customer Loyalty team about this by calling 01865 968 646.

Frequently asked Questions about cancelling Gigaclear

  • What is Gigaclear’s notification period?

    You’ll need to give a month’s notice to cancel your Gigaclear broadband.

  • Do I need to return my Gigaclear router?

    Gigaclear sets its customers up with either a Linksys dual-band router for all of its Ultrafast and Superfast package, or a Tri-band Wi-Fi router for its Hyperfast 900Mb product.

    This router remains the property of Gigaclear. Once the contract is cancelled, you’ll need to return this device in good working order and undamaged.

  • Can I cancel for free if my Gigaclear broadband is too slow?

    There’s a clear Complaints Code of Practice you can refer to. If you’d like to raise awareness of a slow connection, you should either email [email protected], or call 01865 591 131.

    If you’re unhappy with how your complaint is handled, you can escalate this at any time by emailing the Executive Office at [email protected].

Expert Summary

If you’ve decided to cancel your Gigaclear Broadband contract, the first thing you’ll want to do is get in touch with the Customer Support Team. If you’re still in contract, we recommend you wait until the contract is over to avoid any early termination fees.

That said, it should be quick and easy to change providers if you're no longer under contract. You can use our deals checker to see what deals are available to you. Just bear in mind that you may need to downgrade your speed in some cases, unless you have access to full fibre broadband on another network.

Looking for a quick way to get in contact with Gigaclear? Check out our Gigaclear Customer Service page. You can also browse through the latest Gigaclear broadband deals.

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