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How to cancel Post Office broadband

What you need to know about cancelling Post Office broadband

There aren’t many more established brands on the British high street than the Post Office. It’s solid, reliable and reassuring. So when they began offering broadband deals it proved very popular. Everything comes to an end though. If you’re moving home, are at the end of your Post Office broadband contract, or dissatisfied with the service, how do you cancel and what might it cost?

Post Office update - February 2021

Post Office Broadband is now owned by Shell Energy. 

Although it is no longer accepting new customers, there is no change to the service for existing customers at this time. The information below regarding cancellation of Post Office Broadband is still applicable, and contact details remain the same.

What to do before you cancel Post Office broadband

Before you cancel Post Office broadband, there are a couple of steps you might want to take. First, check your contract to see if you're able to cancel. Second, find a new broadband deal so you can stay connected.

Check your Post Office broadband contract

Unless you know for sure that you're out of the fixed term part of your Post Office broadband contract, you need to check. You can cancel for free if you're outside the fixed term but may be liable for early cancellation fees if you're within the first 18 months and outside the initial cooling-off period.

Post Office broadband run mostly on 12 or 18 month fixed term contracts and then automatically convert to rolling monthly contracts.

Find a new broadband deal

Cancelling your existing broadband deal is only half of the process. Unless you're cancelling because you no longer require internet, you will need to find a new broadband deal to switch to. While you can cancel without switching, this will mean you'll be left without broadband while you move providers, so you're always best off switching smoothly from one to another.

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How to cancel Post Office broadband

If you're out of contract: cancelling Post Office broadband for free

Post Office broadband uses the TalkTalk wholesale network, which in turn runs on the BT Openreach network.

Why does this matter? What it means is if you're moving to another provider which uses Openreach (which is the majority of ISPs) you can simply sign up to a new deal and switch with little effort, just like you do for gas or electricity. The new provider will handle it all for you.

If you're moving to a provider which does not use the BT line network (such as Virgin Media), you will need to handle cancellation of the existing contract.

If you're outside your fixed contract period, you can cancel your Post Office broadband contract for free. You will need to provide at least 15 days' notice of cancellation.

To cancel Post Office call 0345 600 3210. Be clear about your intention to leave, but be prepared to speak to a retentions team who will try to keep your business. If the main reason you're leaving is the cost, it's worth at least hearing them out as they may offer you a better deal. If you'd like more information about contacting Post Office, including numbers and email addresses, check out our Post Office Broadband customer service page.

Cancelling Post Office broadband if you're still in contract

The process for cancelling is the same if you're still within the fixed term part of your contract, except you may be liable for early termination charges. These are levied to all customers who cancel their contract early. The exact charge depends on what product(s) you have and how long before the end of the contract you're cancelling.

Depending on your reason for leaving the Post Office may waive these charges. You will need to discuss this at the time of cancellation.

Post Office broadband early cancellation fees

The early termination charges for Post Office broadband varies depending on your product(s) and how far you have until the end of your contract. Sometimes, the Post Office will waive these fees if you're moving to somewhere that cannot get its service, moving abroad, or are cancelling on behalf of someone who is going into care.

The table below shows the monthly fees for the early cancellation of some Post Office broadband products, as detailed in the Post Office price list. If you do not see your package listed below, check the price guide.

Post Office broadband package Charge per month
Broadband Connect £11.53
Unlimited Broadband £11.53
Unlimited Fibre Broadband £20.15
Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus £20.37
Broadband Basics £11.53

You can also ask Post Office customer services to tell you how much cancellation may cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about cancelling Post Office

  • What is Post Office broadband's notification period?

    You need to give at least 15 days' notice to cancel Post Office broadband.

  • Do I need to return my Post Office Wi-Fi router?

    You will need to return your Post Office broadband router. Prepaid packaging to return it for free should be supplied when you cancel.

  • Can I keep my phone number?

    You can keep your phone number. Telephone numbers are portable and you can keep yours by notifying the Post Office when you cancel and telling your new provider when you sign up.

  • Can I cancel for free if my Post Office broadband is too slow?

    Providers who have agreed to the Ofcom broadband speed code of practice agree to release customers from their contract for free if they are unable to deliver the speed promised. However, this is voluntary and the Post Office has not signed up. You may still be able to cancel due to this reason, but it will probably require you to submit a complaint, and even then it's not guaranteed. If you're unhappy with the performance of the service, start by speaking to technical support.

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