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Welcome to the Broadband Genie mobile broadband provider hub. Below is a list of every mobile provider on our site plus buying advice and reviews.

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Latest mobile broadband reviews

  • Three Reviews

    by nicholas at 23:03 on 9 Dec 2015

    if you live in north london or north west london forget about using this will never be happy, just left.
  • by James at 10:20 on 7 Aug 2015

    Have a 4G mobile broadband device from EE. Live in West London UB6.
    Get poor 4G coverage which then means you get little to no speed. Webpages take ages to load. Only on a clear sky day I may get great 4G coverage and therefore great speed. How often do you get clear skies in London. Not worth spending money on 4G Mobile broadband from EE if your not getting the internet you want. My advice check your... more>
  • Three Reviews

    by Stevie at 10:36 on 31 Jul 2015

    rubbish service rubbish company but then again they are all the same
  • T-Mobile Reviews

    by mark kofi at 21:20 on 26 Jul 2015

    I also have the Huawei mobile Wi-Fi unit and cannot get the blasted thing to work on a regular basis. Been the biggest waste of money I've ever encountered.
  • Three Reviews

    by Niven at 9:11 on 26 Jun 2015

    Three to be honest is unreliable even with a strong wifi signal you are lucky to get five minutes of internet before it starts to hang and do nothing, i have lost track of the amount of times ive complained to three and got no where even the customer service is laughable especially as the call centre is in india, you might as well burn your money as you will have nothing but hassle so im going to change provider.... more>
  • by Andrew at 15:54 on 25 Jun 2015

    EE are the worst company that I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. It took me over a day to upgrade my T Mobile dongle to an EE MIFI, and I still have a few issues that EE don't want to resolve.

    However the MIFI device itself is brilliant and I got the £15 for 15 GB deal via Broadband Genie, but this offer has now been withdrawn probably because it was the best deal on offer.
  • Three Reviews

    by Maqsood at 20:36 on 24 Jun 2015

    I am not happy with 3. I am new in UK bought two SIM's with unlimited data and 300 minutes free call per month. After 15 days phone was disconnected due to low balance. I was shocked as I have hardly used the phone. I have already switched to EE. Hope they give me a better service
  • Vodafone Reviews

    by Antony Masters at 17:10 on 24 Jun 2015

    Only been with Vodafone for a week - not able to access or set up my on-line account as the wrong email was the 'Username' also they have two databases (one being C-Board/See-Board) and one wouldn't show my number while the other wouldn't show my account details. After speaking to the call-centre opps (four times) and two on-line 'Live' chats, still a problem and not able to set up or log in.

    Ask... more>