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  • unhappy

    by john stewart at 12:40 on 23 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    All I can say about this dongle is CR%P do not I repeat do not go into a contract with this useless bit of kit so so slow it is so bad I even tried to get a call time as a replacement to Broadband contract but they will not have it at all I am allowed 15gb a month at £22.49 yes daft I know thought it was good at the time I do not use 1gb a month as it is so bad steer clear in ayrshire anyway cannot wait till Jan 2012 when contract is up

  • neutral

    by Rob at 19:07 on 22 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I didn't think this could get any worse, but lately it has been horrible. The only positive to take from this is that it increases awareness of what an awful company 3 are and hopefully hastens their downfall. The sooner this company disappears the better! Orange must be delighted they are rid of 3 and have teamed up with T-Mobile. I can imagine 3 frantically looking around for someone to share data carrying with and everybody saying 'Team up with 3? You've got to be joking!'

    Do the decent thing 3 and quit the UK market. You're not fit for purpose.

  • neutral

    by Daniel Macedo da Silva at 1:26 on 22 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Hi to everyone:
    Its being a while since I did my review about the 3 Mobile Broadband.
    First of all I don’t complain about the speed or the strength of the signal, because this can
    Be very different from location to location. I improved the result of the speed of my downloads
    And the strength of my signal when I bout the WIFI, but this of course came from my pocket.
    Everyone must keep in mind this kind of gadget is easy to use and you just find with 3, the Vodafone
    Claims they’ve got but when you try buy it is not the same thing.
    Secondly I don’t complain about the price because all providers charge almost the same price, and
    If you want broadband whenever you like you must pay for it.
    What I’m complain is the customer services they provide to us. They don’t know what is a costumer.
    My advice is don’t do any contract with 3, but if you already are with them and want finish don’t
    Finish by phone. You must do it by letter .

  • neutral

    by Clare at 21:17 on 20 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Just a reminder to all consumers that 3 mobile broadband has considerably more negative reviews than that of any other network provider, was ranked lowest by Which? Magazine in a reader survey of customer services amongst UK networks conducted in December 2010 and that service from all aspects is appalling for many customers and has been since the inception of this service in 2008. This company doesn't do quality and doesn't do improvement. 3 love promoting themselves and are quite good at it - but ignore the hype and read real customer reviews from real customers. Just be wary of the positive reviews which are normally written by people who work for 3. Stick to the leading networks - 02, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone - and stay well away from 3 who have mastered the art of taking maximum advantage of poor industry regulation.

  • neutral

    by GG at 18:34 on 18 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    At end of contract with Vodafone and its slow, slow speeds, I got a 3 dongle instead. Very impressed - easy to use, fast, easy to check usage and send texts. Looking at other comments, I think coverage is the key factor. Possibly buy limited PAYG dongle to check that network's coverage where you want to use it before commiting to monthly contract. (Having read reviews (*after* getting my 3 dongle), I am dreading 3 customer service so fingers crossed I continue to be so happy!!)

  • happy

    by Gaz at 16:59 on 11 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Ignore All the miserable b****rs, 3 is by far the best mobile broadband provider out there. Having suffered with Vodafone for 2 Years, 3 is super super super fast!!!

    With vodafone you can take a weeks vacation, get delayed at the airport for 5 days, get home and your 4mb music track or whatever will still be at 13% downloaded, with 3 it takes a matter of minutes.

    If youv'e got to use Mobile Broadband, choose THREE!!!

    P.S. Customer Service is a bit pants should you need them, which you won't!!!

  • unhappy

    by DJ Reudan at 12:45 on 8 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Oh my gosh!! Where do I begin, firstly I would like to thank the owner of the site. Very informative..;)

    I would like to start of by saying 3 HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!, when your a new customer they will bow down to you, but as soon as they have you in the bag, that's it! your treated like cattle.

    I left t-mobile who i was with for over 10years because i couldn't get reception where i moved to and i was gutted. Three seemed like the best option at the time but over he last couple of months they have just been absolutely poor! Thats nice, I mean SCUM!!..

    I now moved houses again (always moving:) and I have to wait a month for my broadband to get connected so decided to look in to dongles for the meantime for work. I ordered the 5gb 15 amonth package from three (i know crazy) but thought as i am with them I might as well put up with the pain. It arrived as promised but not even 2hours passing I had problems from connection to poor customer service. I was on hold for 2hours jumping from team to team, so i decided to speak to a sales department team who were clearly pissed off because i was in the wrong department and weren't helpful either.

    I am just getting angry even typing this. After reading reviews on here i was going to ask which dongle someone would recommended but I think i will just hold off for a month until I get my home broadband connected, library it is for me, at least i wont have any problems.

    Good thing i have 14days return, I called them and I am having it returned.


  • happy

    by Paul Sonntag at 23:22 on 4 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    Very skeptical about mobile broadband after trying Vodaphone's deal, turned out to get errors, and high down time on the first day, returned it and bought a three/3 dongle. Where I live the reception appears as 100% and I live maybe 800m from the mast if not a KM, I get a constant internet connection and easy and quick connection. I receive approx. 2mbps at peak time and anything above 4mbps at most other times. The software provided is basic, and I mean basic, but then again its very easy to use. No problems so far but i would not recommend using it for youtube because it drains your data. So far so good, about 2 weeks into it now with the standard £20.99 PAYG deal. I would recommend using 3's coverage checker before you buy, as i believe it depends on how good your reception is.

  • neutral

    by Angry man at 3:40 on 4 Feb 2011 Report abuse

    I am not an idiot and when I pay for something I want that something to work. Like so many of you my 3 dongle takes about a day to load up and then when you finally do get logged on it crashes or freezes. The customer services give their excuses and its me who is sat there without internet of which a service that I am paying for. I live about 100yards from the 3 mast.

    Well the way I see it is to call and complain all the time and demand that you want a refund for the lack of service that you are recieving, or just go into town and give a random person who has annoyed you £30 for doing nothing as thats what its like to pay for something and not get it. I am fed up of waiting on the phone for customer services and then they say are you sitting next to your lap top as I need to take up at least an hour of your time to piss your pc around and eventually get no where apart from frustrating you and wasting an hour of your time. So after several months of paying for something and not getting the service what I am paying for and for spending my time and money to get in touch with 3 I did this, I went to my bank and cancelled my direct debit. You know they were on the phone to me in seconds, the advantage is I said call back when it was convient to me and it was not my bill. The operator could not justify 3 taking money off me for a service and not getting it for months on end and offered to credit me with £5. I told him no and said i want the last 3 months credited which he declined and later said they would refund me two months. With this I agreed and then cancelled my direct debit again and NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I wont go back to them and give them money to get me frustrated and not have something what I pay for.

  • unhappy

    by Tinkerman at 13:44 on 18 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I was attending a course in york and needed accesss to broadband, the hotel rates were £6 per hour or £15 day, so i went and bought the 3 dongle, Big mistake, its so slow i can make a hot drink and half finish it before it loads.
    The software tends to hang so surfing is not really an option, the response time is very slow and when i close the webpage i cannot disconnect immediately i have to wait for about 5 min for it to close. it also had a detrimental effect on the performance of the machine such that i had to remove the automatically installed software after every use to enable the machine to get its performance back to an acceptable level.
    I am not a computer genius all i want is zero hassle, using a computer as part of my work means when a deadline is missed because of a malfunctioning piece of hardware it makes my boss a little annoyed with me, 3s customer service is at best patchy and at its worse non existant. probably because they are getting used to customers calling to complain

  • unhappy

    by BADLY TREATED CUSTOMER at 11:05 on 17 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I cancelled my mobile broadband deal in Sept 2010 and paid my final bill to terminate the contract. `3` have continued to bill me. Today, 17th jan 2011 they have kept me waiting on my phone for over 30 mins. I only wish to cancell this deal which I have never used and don`t intend using.

  • happy

    by Sparkysmp at 17:58 on 14 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    OK, I spent weeks looking thro the reviews on PAYG Dongles. Most were bad news. Anyway, I am travelling England and needed Internet access so finally bought 3's package at £20.99 (Includes 1GB) up / down load. Wow, I'm so impressed that I thought I should say something positive. Most people probably only complain. I am in the SouthWest at the moment and find everywhere has really acceptable reception. I will say however that I do not download Music, Movies, or Videos. This is purely a work thing.

    So, 5 stars 3 (it's the ZTE) am well impressed! A+++++

  • unhappy

    by elke at 6:11 on 14 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    i have had the 3 mobile dongle for a number of years now, but over the last few months it keeps losing the signal and switches itself off. customer services keep telling me to send it back. then send me letters saying they will charge me because they hav,nt received it. even though i give them the consignment number and they agree they have infact received it and that there is nothing wrong with it. i travel around nottingham and all it happens in all areas. anyone got an idea of which network is best to use around here???

  • unhappy

    by elke at 6:04 on 14 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    i have had the 3 dongle for a number of years now and been very happy with it, but just recently it keeps losing the signal, and switches itself off. its becoming a nightmare and i am going to try out a different network. customer services have not been very helpful saying everytime i should return the dongle.when i do, all i get is letters saying they havnt received it and are going to bill me for the replacement.(even though i give them the tracking number and have been assured it has been received) i travel around nottingham and the signal should be pretty good, so why is it just switching itself off? any answers would be grately appreciated.

  • neutral

    by Paul at 23:44 on 9 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    It's so frustrating seeing these over the top glowing reviews for 3. Sure, some luck customers get a decent service. But, shouldn't everyone? Far too many 3 customers, myself included, have endured an absolute nightmare with this company. Nightmares that you wouldn't get with Vodafone. They didn't earn their reputation by treating customers with utter contempt. Let's not forget here that 3 is the cheapest and that is the root cause of the problem. I've had constant performance issues since the start of my contract, except funnily enough for the first 2 weeks. I've had free credits ever since but 3 have still managed to cut me off 3 times which has resulted in me having to call them a total of 16 times to resolve these unnecessary issues. I've had to endure the nightmare that is 3 customer services over and over again because service is so poor I've had 4 credited months on the run. The upgrade which 3 kept telling me would happen but didn't until December has been a waste of time - I've had 8 days of appalling service and it's unusable every night because it's throttled so hard that nothing loads for hours, despite connecting everytime. 3 have told me the area is congested, which in their case means oversubscribed. Nobody in the shop told me this when I took out the contract. This company is a nightmare and it's scandalous that nothing has been done. Be very, very aware of the glowing reviews for 3. The reality is an inferior network to the likes of Vodafone, o2, Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin. Check out reviews across the whole of the web and see who comes out worst time and time again. Forget the hype from 3 and the iffy reviews. Stay well away from this outfit.

  • happy

    by steve hartley at 12:11 on 9 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    i have just moved from vodaphone to 3 and am in the lucky position that i am within quarter of a mile from masts from both these providers,i have to say that im reallly impressed with 3s mifi unit which acts like a mobile broadband router to my tablet and my laptop at the same time,the speeds are good and better than vodafones service,although not as fast during busy times but this was the case with vodafone too. you have to accept that this is mobile nroadband and shouldnt be compared with your fixed line home service(i have 50mb cable broadband so am really spoilt).i must admit vodafone customer service and technical help is superb when things go wrong and im yet to test out 3s helplines because at the moment im over the moon with the service,the speed,the equipment and the price

  • unhappy

    by Clare at 0:13 on 6 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    With the worst customer service in the UK communications industry as very well documented online, poor speeds for many customers, chronic oversubscription which has never been addressed by the regulator, draconian throttling and traffic management, a business model of low price and high volume which isn't conducive to a decent standard of service, more negative online reviews than any other network and no willingness to improve as has been demonstrated since the inception of this service coupled with the appalling reputation this company has for mobile phones, the only sensible advice here is to stay well away from 3.

  • unhappy

    by Simon Desforges at 20:00 on 4 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    Avoid 3 is my advice, I am 21 months into a 24 month contract and am counting down every day until the contract ends. There are some some good points, firstly if your in an area where 3 does have good coverage you can't beat their offer of 15 GB for £15. However I appear not to live in such an area despite being advised everytime I call that I live in an excellent service area. For 21 months I have been plagued by very short periods being connected to the internet, sometimes several weeks without even having service or being able to connect to the internet. If you call the technical team or customer services they are polite, patient and attempt to help but when all is said and done they can't solve a network that has too many users for it's capacity. There are only so many times you can go through reinstalling the software, them sending you new dongles and sim cards all of which have no effect! Worst service I have ever purchased and can't wait until my new phoneline broadband is installed.

  • happy

    by Paul Richards at 9:23 on 24 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Just joined 3 on their 15Gb for £17 mifi. Travelled quite a bit over the London area over the last few weeks and haven't yet found an area with a poor signal. The speed I get is usually 2.2Mb. Vey happy so far

  • happy

    by Sydney Richardson at 20:32 on 20 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    Of late i have realised that it is only Unhappy people who voice out their emotions just to vent out their anger. For ever 2 people who are not happy with 3's Services there are about 8 people who are completely satisfied with the same. These 8 people would however not bother posting any positive remarks as they are happy with the way everything functions.
    I decided its high time we voice out our opinions too.
    3's network is improving day on day and i'll be honest they are fairly new to the market considering their Competitors O2 and Vodafone who lord knows have existed for an eternity and hardly done us any good.
    Even though the call centres are based in India they have been most helpful in time of need.

  • neutral

    by june claus at 16:49 on 19 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    having been with 3 for 2 years now i feel i am one of the lucky ones on average i get 3.5mb download and absolutely brillant signal at all times, might be because i live in the counrtyside and have clear line of sight to the mask

  • unhappy

    by Tichro at 23:30 on 18 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    New improved network disconnecting every 3 minutes.
    3 have just announced unlimited downloads for their smart phone users, so my prediction is that after christmas it's going to get even worse.
    Well they can stick their service where the sun don't shine, if they don't understand that, I will gladly demonstrate with one of their sub-standard dongles.
    It shouldn't hurt too much, the dongle has got rounded corners.

  • happy

    by [email protected] at 11:13 on 9 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with 3 from the beginning. Reception and download speed were great 24/7 but as more users arrived the quality of service dropped. 3 is still the best service for my main location but I have found that the only method of ensuring reception when travelling is to also carry a t mobile and a o2 dongle. Strange as it seems as I assume they would use the same transmitter there is always one dongle that gets a far better reception and download speed than the others wherever you are and many locations where at least one of them is useless. My comments on support would have this post removed but there is not anything to choose between them so it would be pointless.
    Just see which dongle most people use successfully in your area is all you can do but over time even that can change. I just wish I lived in an area with a fast land line connection.

  • unhappy

    by NH at 17:51 on 8 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    If i had to describe 3 mobile phone service in two words they would be ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. For 90% of the time my mobile shows emergency calls only, I have tried using customer services which is on the same level as the network, VERY POOR.
    When complaining I was asked the following, "tell me all of the exact post codes where you have used your mobile in the past two weeks. Of course this is infromation that I carry around in my head, how ridiculous. I was told that without providing this information they could not help me. I now have a 3 mobile that for 90% doesn't work but they still expect my monthly payment. My advice, Don't use 3 mobile!

  • unhappy

    by Tim Robinson at 17:36 on 8 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    In the last 3 hours of attempting to do some browsing, I have lost connection approx. 90, yes 90 (NINETY) times, its more than that but I didn't start counting for a while. This is 3's marvelous new network after their alledged improvements.
    What a joke, they really should be investigated.
    Shame there isnt a choice for "Extremely Angry".

  • unhappy

    by Steven Luong at 10:52 on 5 Dec 2010 Report abuse

    I'm really pissed at 3 EVERYDAY I disconnect after 30minutes and I have to wait 3minutes for a page to finish loading

  • neutral

    by Gino at 22:59 on 23 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    3 mobile are a rubbish provider, they have a pathetic so called service despite the supposed upgrades to their service. never get a 3G connection for more than 30 seconds and the HSDPA service is so slow that it took me 68 attempts (the ones i counted) before i could finally load the page properly. their customer service is a joke (nobody knows what they are talking about) take my advice look elsewhere as 7 mobile are cowboy providers

  • unhappy

    by alan at 16:56 on 21 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    my 3 dongle never tops up the first time i try..
    its really annoying and im fed up with this company ripping people off.
    HUTCHISON you should be ashamed of yourself..........

  • happy

    by neil frederick martin at 5:02 on 15 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    had compaq c61 laptop now for a good 12 mths now with dongle 15 gb monthly yes Iam happy with the set up and coverage here in north devon like good signal now,what 4 mths now might try another one next year be happy you pay for what you get. thank you 3

  • unhappy

    by steve at 13:10 on 12 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    just had a letter today, we on three's £15 tariff for 15 gig a month for 18 months, had the contract for a year and now they saying that due to inflation, the price is going up??, can this be done??, i thought that price was fixed for the term of the contractor they in breach of contract??

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