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  • unhappy

    by Subodh at 9:01 on 16 May 2010 Report abuse

    This is the worst mobile broadband service provider.

    I ordered it about 20 months ago when it was recently introduced. For the first two or three month it worked good and after that speed become completely pathetic for the rest of about 15 months.

    I complain about it many time but nothing happened. When I called the the customer service somebody from India picked the phone took about 40 minutes and and says that speed is all fine.

    I call to three mobile that I want to cancel the service as you cannot provide me the speed and they said you cant as you are under contract unless you pay all the money.

    I felt extremely angry that I am paying for something which doesn't seems to work.

  • neutral

    by Donald Munro at 14:45 on 14 May 2010 Report abuse

    My Pipex broadband went down at around 10:30 on 11 May and was not restored until the morning of 14 May. On 13 May, I received a letter from Pipex (dated 6 May) advising me that my service was being migrated to TalkTalk and would be down for around 20 minutes on 11 May.
    Over the last 3 days I have spent hours on the phone (5p per minute) trying to speak to anyone who could tell me when it would be restored. Basically none of their people knew any more than the fact that a migration was taking place.
    The best thing I did was to request a MAC code on the second morning. As soon as that comes in, I am off. Pipex might be cheap, but it is certainly not cheerful. Their Customer Service is absolutely dire.
    Good bye Pipex/TalkTalk.

  • neutral

    by Paul A at 9:54 on 14 May 2010 Report abuse

    Since my 2 year old E220 gave out 2 months ago (around the time of the alleged 3 software update) i bought a new ZTE 3G dongle from my local 3 mobile shop on PAYG. The new software is causing isses it appears. Using the 3internet APN it disconnects every 30 seconds or so. It is totally unusable. I found a few posts on the net and spotted an alternative APN setting of '3ireland.ie' Using this it works perfectly, but the content is filtered so anything it vaguely considers to be adult related you get blocked - even a photographer forum I use for my job is considered by these goons to be adult related. I just wish 3 would get their Access Point sorted out.

    As a side note, my colleague also has a 3 dongle made by Huawei. It also crapped out around the software update time, and through a process of ilimination we found out that it was the SIM causing the issue. As he was on a contract, he got a replacement SIM and then it updated the software successfully. Since that happened, he is also losing connection using the '3internet' APN and is having to resort to the '3ireland.ie' APN to get by. So this is not hardware related as 2 different brands of dongle both connecting to the 3 network with the same issues.

  • neutral

    by Gino Guarino at 19:18 on 12 May 2010 Report abuse

    What a rubbish provider, bought a dongle and it stopped working after a month, complained to 3 mobile and they said they would get back to me within 24 hours that was 29 days ago and still no callback, when you call the call centre you get to speak to someone with limited english and reading from a script and no clue as to what a dongle is. Cant wait for my credit to run out so I can go with a proper provider and not a mickey mouse one like 3 mobile

  • neutral

    by michael at 12:41 on 5 May 2010 Report abuse

    recived laptop and bb dongle form three last week and have had nothing but trouble trying to connect to the net. i live in a 3 story house and all works fine in the top floor if i hang out the skylight but rubbish in frst of the house.was advised to purchase the d100 router at a cost of over £70.00 only then to find that the dongle i had wasnt compatable . called three to ask if the could send me one . no was the answere , i have to cancel this contract send all the stuff back laptop , dongle etc only then to take out a new contract with the correct model of dongle .how completly rubbish is that could three possily make it any more awkward for themselves or me

  • neutral

    by john at 10:59 on 3 May 2010 Report abuse

    I bought my 3 dongle last week as i needed a connection whilst on holiday ,it has performed brilliantly and i am still using the included 1gb of data even now ,after using it everyday whilst way i still have plenty of credit left and am using it to post this

    so i am more than happy with mine ,at the moment i am using in an area that 3 say has little coverage but still it works just fine

  • unhappy

    by [email protected] at 13:13 on 30 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    The coverage on this dongle is absolutely hopeless. I travel on the train from York to Birmingham regularly and it doesn't work anywhere between those places, even when the train is stopped.

  • neutral

    by scott Bark at 12:07 on 28 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Got a G3 dongle and it is really bad. There must be some kind of scam going on. My signal varies from nothing to full over the period of 4-5 hours. I can be halfway through a download of a mail attachment and it drops the signal. It can then take me close to ten minutes to get back into my email account. The call centre are absolutely clueless and rude into the bargain.This is the last time I top up the account. Whatever you do stay away from this company.

  • neutral

    by Roy Tindle at 18:56 on 27 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I've been a 3 customer for a couple of years and have no serious complaints. I regularly travel to the Usk valley, in the Brecon Beacons, and the village in which I stay is barely covered by mobile broadband, the one exception being 3. The signal isn't strong and bad weather sometimes removes any signal at all but that is something about the placing of masts in a national park!

    In fact, 3's website doesn't indicate any broadband coverage but I can generally get a signal that is strong enough to get my email and for general Internet access. I had tried others, O2 was the last, and had to drive miles in order to pick up a signal.

    All in all, I've had good service from 3 and good prices, too. I can still remember using an Excel Pocketphone, back in the late 80's. Then, if you managed to find a signal you didn't even move your head. And the phone weighed a ton with a battery that had to be very frequently recharged. We've moved a very long way in a comparatively short time and, overall, 3 have given me good service at the best prices.

  • neutral

    by derek at 12:01 on 27 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    i had a 3 dongle thing on a £15 a month contract
    it was terrible it never had a signal and when it did it was very weak and kept going off
    the people in the call center are horrible to talk to they speak to you like muck and alot of the time they did not understand what i was saying
    i called several times to sort out the problems, twice i was on for 1 hour and they told me i was taking too long on the phone and that they would pass me to someone else but then they just hung up on me
    i tried to cancell my contract for about 6 months but it never happened as they kept telling me i have to finnish the full term even though it wasnt working in the end i just stopped my direct debits so i would not recomend to anyone.

  • neutral

    by ian killip at 14:04 on 26 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I bought my 3 pay as you go dongle at the weekend and had to spend more than an hour trying to get it to work on my laptop, the task given to me to get it sorted didnt work so took it to the 3 shop the following day and had it sorted within 30 mins....an o2 dongle had been loaded onto the laptop prior to me trying the 3 one so the o2 was blocking the dongle getting signal....

    I had told the gentleman from Bombay on the phone that I had tried another kind of dongle a month or so previous but he didnt click on that this was causing the error! Cost me about £8.00 on my mobile to call them......not a great start but hopefully the coverage/speed etc will make up for it

  • unhappy

    by Pam at 22:25 on 19 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I just helped to get my mum set up with her first computer and we also purchased a 3 dongle on a £15 per month rolling contract. All we wanted to do was activate the bloomin' thing and after 4 phone calls to the 'India no-help phone line', we're not any further forward. It took 3 phone calls to verify her home address as they were adamant that her address did not correspond to the bank details we provided. My mum went to her bank, worried that it was a problem on her part, only to be told that everything was fine. She called back again and was told that it was her fault because she had not provided the address correctly. She had given the house number and then the flat number, as I think most of us would. But, no, it must must be the flat number and then the house number! Shocking!!! And not to mention at this point she has been calling from a mobile #not 3, thank God#, starting the whole process again and paying a lot of money for these calls. The longest call took 35 minutes and £5 credit from her mobile.

    Now the dongle doesn't work and apparently it's a problem with her brand new Dell laptop. Unbelievable!!! I've just spent 45 minutes trying to find a customer service contact on their website. All I can find is an internal message system which comes up with a load of errors when I type in the information.

    All my mum wants to do now is throw the dongle out the window and find a supplier that can offer her service that they promise. Let's hope that she can cancel it without too many issues, though I have my doubts about that.

    In hindsight, we should've listened to the lady who interrupted us in the middle of the salesman's spiel at Curry's. He was busy selling us the 3 dongle and she advised us not to go there as they 'crap' and I totally agree!

  • unhappy

    by Kwame at 21:39 on 18 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Why can't all connections be fast like broadband.

  • happy

    by Murray at 19:50 on 16 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Very good i love this network, and mobile internet. Very fast. Faster than my home broadband. Very good for going to a caravan or just going out and about. The only thing i would say is, to get a real good signal i would stay outside or stay high up in a house. But even if you are in a crouded place, it is still good.

  • happy

    by max at 12:35 on 10 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    I have been with 3 mobile bb for 16 mths and the service I get is magic .I use a modified huawei e220 dongle on my desktop and laptop speed is upto 2.3mbps sometimes and no probs yet I am based near portsmouth

  • neutral

    by Freda at 15:38 on 8 Apr 2010 Report abuse


    Does anyone kmow how I can get out of my 3 contract?
    I signed up with 3 for mobile broadband for my daughter, she needed it for uni, signed for this because of the "free laptop" I agree with the problems of the connection being broken constatly, and we are in a "good area" in Scotland. After only 15 months the laptop is .goosed...needs a new hardrive at mega cost. Because she is at uni, the dongle is os absolutely no use without the laptop and I can't afford the repair or a replacement, I would have expected an HP laptop to last a lot longer that that!

  • neutral

    by Babar at 14:30 on 8 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Hi guys,

    I've been with 3 for a year now, the service is in very moderate words is appaling. My area is one of the high coverage places and speed? No speed at all. Guys there is no question of speed when you just cannot connect and plz plzzzzzzzzzz do not trust 3 or they rip off your pockets. I've beejn in contact with them, they' d start troubleshooting online and after 2 hours you will be given this 'good' news that Dear Sir/Madam potentially there is some problem with your system, there is nothing we can do for you this time. And you'd be crying after that. Reason.. greed, because they are selling more connections than the capacity of the netwok.

    If you are still thinking to buy 3's broadband, plz think 1000 more times.. I'll never ever use 3 even if they give me free connection. Hope that would help

  • happy

    by Les T at 22:14 on 4 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Three Mobile are putting up 2 new masts in the Hayle are later this month (April 2010) which will increase capacity and also updating the current mast so things should get better.

  • happy

    by Amanda at 0:24 on 1 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    There was a seven day break between my old and new ISPs and a friend lent me a 3 dongle to tide me over. It was brilliant - I was back online within minutes and my connection was actually more stable than my broadband with Demon had been recently. I found the long USB cable supplied by far the more efficient.

    Before borrowing the dongle I called 3 customer service to find out about topping up and they weren't so hot; they told me my friend's SIM card would have expired through lack of use and tried to sell me a new dongle for £29.99 when all I would have needed was a new SIM which is provided free. As it happened, they don't expire after 90 days without use, that's a myth (or a sales ploy) so I just topped up the existing SIM and off I went.

    Always bear in mind when reading reviews that it's usually only disgruntled customers who shout up; the 'gruntled' ones are silent and you rarely get to hear about them.

  • unhappy

    by Paul Birch at 0:07 on 31 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    For over two years now, Three have been slaughtered in customer reviews for an appalling service and truly dire customer services. Take a look for yourself if you haven't already. You'll find scathing reviews galore on every mobile broadband review site. Far more than for any other network and this is reflected in the average scores, of which Three rank the lowest on each and every set of scores available online.

    It comes as no surprise whatsoever that none of these issues have been addressed. I suspect several thousand emails at least have been written and sent, but things are getting worse, not better.

    Three may be the most competitively priced, but that is of no use or comfort to the many customers who just cannot access the internet with a 3 dongle. Three will blame anything and anyone for this, other than themselves of course. I have found them to be a very arrogant and ignorant company. The irony of this is that they have absolutely nothing to be arrogant about.

    In typical British fashion, the industry is regulated by a spineless outfit who won’t act. If Ofcom did its job, Three would have been closed down and barred from trading. They really are that woefully bad.

    Signal strength is often irrelevant, because Three ration bandwith. I regularly used to have full signal strength, but no working connection. When I did have a connection, it was always painfully slow and the signal strength was poorer.

    If you have a good signal and poor speed, it's probably Three taking the bandwith from your mast and sharing it around to others. It's well known within the industry that Three cannot cope with customer demand, so they manipulate connections externally and ration use. Needless to say, Three are never going to admit to this, but it does happen. And there is an application available online called Netmeter which will show how intermittent your connection is. Three will blame butterflies in Mexico for this if they think they can get away with it. Never in a month of Sundays are they going to admit the problem lays solely with them and that they don't have enough connections to go round. That wouldn't be good for income, which is all Three care about.

    It's worth noting that Three are as eager as ever to add new customers to a network that is already crippled. Three are the very last company imaginable which would look after its current customers before taking on new ones.

    The purpose of this review is simple – I am an ex-customer who fouight and won a case against Three. My defence was that Three mobile broadband is unfit for purpose. They didn’t challenge this. The more people who were considering becoming a Three customer, but subsequently don’t because of all the negative reviews, the better. I want to do my bit to spread the word on just how bad they are and how they have systematically failed to improve.

    Every day, I, and consumers like me, rely on goods and services to work how they should. Many of us enjoy reliable cars, electrical goods, various services - all done efficiently and professionally.

    There is one company which consistently let me down. Their service rarely delivered and when it did, it was of a very poor standard. The same can be said for customer services. They stood out like a sore thumb amongst a sea of jobs well done. They irritated and angered me. And ripped me off.

    That company is Three.

  • unhappy

    by FED UP at 0:25 on 29 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    took almost 5 hours to get a good connection to read my email.

  • unhappy

    by Tom at 11:37 on 27 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I have had no acess to the 3 mobile broadband for the past 3 months!! I live in west london, is anyone else facing this issue. We should take these bastr8ds to court!

  • neutral

    by FED UP at 19:30 on 26 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    rubbish service from a rubbish provider. no more to be said

  • unhappy

    by williamus at 0:53 on 25 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Sorry this is a long post but it gives you a flavour for the problems that you can have with 3:


    I have a 3 mobile broadband dongle on PAYG. I’ve been here several times before in the last 18 months. Here’s the usual scenario:

    After working acceptably for a couple of months the internet connection slows dramatically or drops completely every few minutes. This usually happens at peak times. Over both Christmas 2008 and 2009 I was without any useable service for nearly a week.

    The first time I phoned the helpdesk the man from 3 had convinced me it was my PC that was at fault and had me do a whole series of unnecessary checks: deleting cookies, changing my Internet security settings, uninstalling and reinstalling the modem, etc, etc. Needless to say, it made no difference.

    Then I checked my network connection with 3 and it was perfect. Full HSDPA 5 Bars and there was a full connection with the 3 server, but showed a broken connection between the 3 server and the internet.

    Eventually after threatening them with OFT or going to law, etc, one day the service was back, faster than ever, as if nothing had ever happened. Then, a few weeks later the whole process started all over again.

    I’m not an engineer, but I have done a lot of research on this issue and it seems that many others have had similar, or worse, experiences. It seems almost certain that this is due to too many customers using the cell at any one time and their server simply can’t cope. Their response is to either throttle your connection or disconnect it altogether. I also understand that 3 mobile phone customer traffic takes priority over mobile broadband.

    The 3 helpdesk staff in India seem to be compelled to stick to scripts that do not accept any possibility that the 3 network could be at fault. Phoning them is a hugely frustrating experience. There’s no notepad or tracking function, so every time you ring you have to start over.

    Writing to them is just as fruitless. They are hell-bent on ignoring the content of your email, sticking to the “ring us so we can do some little tests” mantra, though the latest one of refusing to respond because my email address was not registered with them is at least different (though untrue, of course).

    The following email trail is typical:

    19 Feb 2010
    I've been having major problems with my 3 Broadband connection since Sunday 14th February. The service has become extremely slow especially in the evenings. I normally get between 1.5 and 2 mbps but this dropped to around 150 kbps as the attached screen print shows. I expect the service to be slower at peak times but this is unusable and unacceptable. My dial-up connection which I keep for emergencies works perfectly and
    my O2 iPhone 3G connection also works well with speeds in excess of 1.5 mbps
    Please don't invite me to ring you. There's no need to do any tests on my PC.
    The fault is with your server and presumably is a capacity issue. You need to refer this to your people in England to get it fixed. Please get this sorted now without further delay.
    Many thanks

    23 Feb 10
    I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’ve had with your modem. I understand how annoying it can be, but hopefully the fix isn’t far away! Please click on this link to use our online troubleshooter and identify the problem. The troubleshooter will walk you through the steps you need to take to fix the problem. If you need any more help, you can call us on 500 (free) from any 3 mobile or on 08433 730 500 (standard rate) from any other phone between 8am and 2am. Thanks for contacting 3.
    Avinash Rai 3 Customer Services

    02 Mar 10
    Avinash, Please try and understand. I know you have a script to stick to and you’re encouraged to get customers to run tests on their PC, but there is NOTHING WRONG with my PC or my modem. I have a perfect 5 Bar HSDPA signal and connection with your server (see screen print). Until recently I had a reasonable service from you of up to 2 mbps. Since last weekend the service in the early morning is still good but in the evening and over the weekend the service slows down until there is no usable service at all. Tonight the best I can get is 48 kbps which is unusable. I'm having to send you this email using my dial-up modem which is quicker.
    This is a capacity issue with your server/cell/mast. Don't send me any more links to trouble shooters. Don't invite me to ring you. Please tell your engineers in the UK to fix your server.
    Thank you.

    02 Mar 10
    Thank you for your recent email.
    To protect our customers’ data, we can only respond to an email address that has been registered with us. Please call us on 500 FREE from your 3 mobile (or 0843 373 0500 from any other phone*) and we’ll sort things out swiftly. When you call us, you can also update your contact details and register this email address so, in future, we can respond directly.
    Best wishes
    Ashutosh Kshatriya 3 Customer Services

    02 Mar 10
    Dear Ashutosh Kshatriya, I don't mean to be unkind but this is a pathetic excuse for not responding to me and dealing with the problem. If you bother to read this email trail you'll see you've already used my email address to respond to me, as you have done many times in the last eighteen months.
    Let me spell out the problem once more so there can be no confusion:
    for the last two weeks my broadband speed slows during the evening until it becomes unusable.
    i have a perfect connection with your server - 5 bars, hsdpa, etc
    the service is ok in the middle of the night and in the early morning but unusable at peak times (when i want to use it!)
    there's nothing, repeat nothing, wrong with my pc or my modem
    here's my broadband speeds from yesterday

    sunday 8.24pm = 424 kbs
    monday 1.11am = 760 kbs
    monday 7.29am = 1856 kbs
    monday 4.24pm = 744 kbs
    monday 6.01 pm = 136 kbs
    monday 7.37pm = 16 kbs
    monday 8.10pm = 144 kbs

    it's quite obvious that you've got too many customers using this cell and your server hasn't got the capacity to deal with them.
    there is nothing you can do with your manuals or scripts in india. it needs someone in england to fix the server problem.
    do it now please!

    Thank you

    03 Mar 10
    Dear Mr.
    I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with your modem. I appreciate this must be frustrating for you. We’ve tried to call you about this [DN: this is simply not true] but we haven’t been able to get hold of you. The easiest way to find out exactly what’s wrong is to run some checks with you over the phone.
    Please just give our mobile broadband team a call and they’ll be happy to help. The team’s working hours are: * Monday to Sunday: 8am – 2am
    You can reach them on 500 from your 3 mobile or on 0843 373 0500 (standard rate) from any other phone. We look forward to hearing back from you.
    Best regards,
    Cris Victor 3 Customer Services

    Postscript: Having taken the trouble to write all this down, my internet connection is back, at the time of writing at a very acceptable 2.5 mbps… but for how long?

  • happy

    by JAKE at 1:01 on 18 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    im happy with 3 broadband i had no prop my downlood speed is 6mbps uplood is 5mbps
    im on the 15.300000 Internet usage and thats a lot

  • neutral

    by Anonymous at 10:59 on 17 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Heh. Recently moved into a new place, which couldn't receive normal broadband service so I decided to get 3g Mobile. Got the £30/month deal with 15gb usage cap, and the speed is average. Getting 1.8-2.5mb/s usually, 4mb/s if lucky. The thing is - It has huge ping and disconnects a crapload, which is annoying as hell.

    Some 'broadband' is better than none, but 3g definately isn't making it to the top. You get what you pay for I guess, 3g offers a huge cap for mobile broadband, but you get terrible connections.

  • unhappy

    by Reconn at 5:52 on 17 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Its slow, slow and did i mention its slow, I dont expexct to be able to play on-line grahical games but I would have thought I could have played a MUD style game, like I used to be able to to on my Sony-Ericsson 850 mobile(cell) phone, when i used to use that as a modem and now to add insult to injury The Free Text messaging service (sms) I was getting, well im no longer getting it, without any warning, I just did not have it any more when I topped up next, (£30 top up), from what I can read on there site, (and all their site tells you is nothing you did not know in the first place, unless your a complete noobe to computers!), I think they now expect you to buy them, It was the main insentive of going with/switching from my cell phone as a modem, seeing as I still have the phone
    around some place and it was PAYG I may change back, because I would also get my unlimited (if not unlimited then more than I could ever use in a month), texts back too


  • unhappy

    by Gino Guarino at 19:37 on 16 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I have been using the 3 payg dongle since January and have received a rubbish service from day 1, average speed is .5Mbps and get disconnected every 10 mins or so. I play poker for the local pub league so take my laptop to show other people in other pubs why they should not have anything to do with 3 Mobile, after seeing 3 in action most people laugh at the so called service

  • unhappy

    by kitkat at 14:29 on 8 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I bought my 3 broadband stick over the weekend and have had problems with it straight away. It was easy to install, but my laptop keeps freezing after 2-3 minutes when i'm downloading. I've had my laptop for 2 months and never had a problem with it. It may be some interference, because when I use a USB extension lead, it might be about 30 minutes or so, before it freezes.

  • unhappy

    by Kay at 21:52 on 6 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    So pleased I found this site. Recently my 3 connection has been the pits! IF I can get connected, it'll drop after 5 minutes. Then have to try and get re-connected, sometimes involving removing the dongle and starting from scratch (NOT ideal if checking online banking.
    The first year, I had no major problems until around the time the contract was due to expire. Then, major connection issues. Customer services were less than useless, telling me it was this, that and the other, but never once accepting the fault was theirs. In the end I went to the store to sort it out. Fairly helpful staff who upgraded my dongle. Amazing how they don't explain that entails the START of a new contract.
    Second year, again no major problems. 12 month contract expired last month and hey presto major connection issues.
    At least this time I can give the store staff this internet site and tell them to read it.

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