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  • unhappy

    by David at 20:47 on 22 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    This is not broadband in any way at all. Think back to dial up on a 386 computer.

    Had this for about a year. Total waste of money and getting slower and slower, Now totally useless between 7-11 PM, just freezes and cuts out.
    Indian call center will tell you you are using it wrong, and Blame your computer, your XP, your other programs anything but the poor network speeds.

    Total waste of money, I will be pleased when 18 months is over.

  • unhappy

    by mike lane at 13:14 on 17 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    had my 3 broadband for 12 months, first 6 months would not work in my laptop 3 told me it was the laptop,, as we were thinking of upgrading we now have vista and for the first 4 months it was adequate,but over the 2 months its got slower and slower until over the last 4 days it is useless ,slow. crashes, spoke to helpline they say it could be computer, but a brand new pc which has been checked over recently by service team _i Dont think so....by the way its on monthly contract so in 12 months used it about 4 months and that was pretty poor slow.erratic.going back to land line ,,, anyone got any other suggestions,,,,

  • unhappy

    by Andie at 5:40 on 14 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Well I've had my 5GB allowance about 2 months now, it was working fine (a bit slow, but as expected) until friday!!!
    It now cuts out every 20-30 minutes and drives me crazy!! its useless! As its on a Pay as you go, i'll be looking elsewhere for my provider....

  • unhappy

    by darkarjay at 17:02 on 10 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I was using the PAYG service, so £15 gave me 3GB and I was happy with it. Then I had to get a new dongle and the deal had changed to £10 'Broadband Lite' which gave me 1GB! I dutifully paid £10, used a quid or two, and then, after being without PC for a while, I logged on last night and checked the balance. It was about £6.80. Fair enough, thought I, and logged off.

    This morning I logged, checked my gmail, then checked the balance again, and found to my astonishment the message 'you are £6.34 over your allowance'!

    I won't be using it again, that's for sure!

  • happy

    by Joe at 16:17 on 10 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Just an update from my comment as well. Currently sitting in the middle of the New Forest on holiday (don't ask why I've got my lappy turned on!) with a fairly low signal but a perfectly respectable 630kB/s connection speed.

    Still impressed by Three - as long as you don't really expect to get full landline speeds through the airwaves - although it does make me want to move south from Anglesey!

  • unhappy

    by Williamus at 17:38 on 9 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Just a follow up to my post a couple of days ago. I'd written something nice about Three but hardly had I pressed the send key than my service disconnected! I was without any meaningful service on Sunday night and all day Monday. The service gradually came back yesterday (Tuesday) but kept cutting out every 10 minutes or so. Today, it's working fine. I've had this happen before so I didn't even bother emailing or contacting the helpdesk to complain.

    It's a good service when it works, but it's just not consistently reliable enough. I've kept my Virgin/BT dial-up for just these occasions - but I shouldn't have to, should I?

  • unhappy

    by Adam Rayner at 16:54 on 6 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    This is the worst internet in the world. It disconnects every 20 - 30 minutes and the speed is useless, it takes about 5 minutes to load up a simple webpage. I would recommend that anyone who is thinking of getting a 3 Mobile Broadband Dongle not to bother as it will increase your blood pressure and rage factor by 1000%.

  • happy

    by Joe at 15:39 on 6 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Decided to try the 3 PAYG service on a whim about a month ago. We're stuck out in the middle of nowhere and had been relying on a GPRS connection because that's all that other networks can provide.

    According to the 3 coverage checker we're right on the edge between an "outdoor" and "no signal" area but, with the dongle upstairs (on a 5 metre USB extension) i seem to get a decent connection most of the time from our front room.

    Speed does vary from slow (very slow) to impressively fast (under 10 seconds for 2mb downloads is good enough for my needs!) and it does drop the connection a little more than I'd like - that's not too surprising given the borderline coverage and the damn great RAF radar masts just down the road!

    At £15 for 3GB it works out about what I'd be paying on contract, but with none of the hassle or commitment. Also, the £25 top-up has gone from 5 to 7GB since I bought it so, hopefully, the cheaper top-ups will follow in time.

    I haven't experienced the joy of trying their customer service yet but, from personal experience, most companies "tech help" really isn't worth the phonecall so I wouldn't expect 3 to be any better ;)

    I knew it was a risk trying to get 3G coverage in this area but, overall, it's one that was well worth taking!

  • neutral

    by williamus at 9:29 on 5 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I shouldn't tempt fate but I'm pretty satisfied with the PAYG service I'm getting at the moment. Speed's usually over 3mb and the top up system works fine (but enable TSL1 in Internet Security first).

    I have had major problems in the past though which I believe are down to the capacity of their local servers. And their "help"desk... well it should win awards for the most useless and most misleading service.

  • unhappy

    by Martin Vsle at 22:31 on 3 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I have had 3 mobile broadband now for use with my laptop for several months, it has gone from barely acceptable to totally useless in the last month! I wish I had known that I would be dealing with pre-programmed morons in a foreign country on the helpline before I signed up! I have lost count of the amount of times I have had a 25 minute expensive phone calls. They do not want to or cannot comprehend the depth of my dissatifaction. I will be resorting to Trading Standards next week. as under the sale of goods act their service is not fit for the purpose, and not of merchantable quality. Try to impress this on someone in India with no comprehension of UK law!!!

  • unhappy

    by Kerry at 9:58 on 1 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Hardware and software seems to work ok, but the support when you need it is disgraceful, and unhelpful. The process of purchasing pay as you go top-ups or Add-ons or whatever it is, is convoluted and in my experience prone to error. After 2 days of trying to purchase a top-up or add-on or whichever it bloody is I gave up after their website continually failed to honour my purchase.
    Trust me, 3 will NOT make you happy.

  • happy

    by Markus at 11:38 on 26 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Great value service and overall decent speeds (what you really expect from 3G). The one thing where Three can let you down is on the train or other moving vehicles. The 3G connection is a lot more sensitive than 2G so while other networks will usually be able to switch to GPRS in a 3G blackout area the Three connection will just cut you off. I'm using an older ZTE MF622 and at least on that I have to manually click to reconnect after I lose a connection, and that gets annoying after a while.
    Otherwise no complaints.

  • neutral

    by Kallie at 5:03 on 22 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Yeah, I agree. The signal from mobile broadband has been lost so often. The result show up from My3 usage does not reflect what you have been used (current login) then end up you will be charged too much for over limit (if you are postpaid customer). What is a shame for ISP when they say "the update result may take up to 48hours"? We are using broadband, could you imaging how much MB or GB you may have been used during that 48hours before you can see how much left from you limit? I have experienced with that LATE update.

  • unhappy

    by Brendan at 10:29 on 21 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    This is rubbish. I wanted mobile broadband for a month while I got a phone line installed. Eventually after three calls to the helpline I got it connected - but it took 3 minutes to load a website. I am still struggling to get a refund after having returned the modem within 14 days. Poor product and bad service - they kept saying that there was a problem in my area. I eventually gave them my old address and they gave me the same story about there being a problem in that area.

  • unhappy

    by Trina at 23:24 on 20 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I have just bought a dongle from 3 and find it complete rubbish, after waiting for the pages to load (approx 5 mins per page!) i did a speed test, i am ment to have 3.5MB, i infact have 72KBS!! total con if you ask me!

  • neutral

    by David A at 21:25 on 15 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I think 3's customer service attitude is truly awful. I was recently sold a top up voucher for mobile broadband at Wood Green in North London. The coverage where I'm staying was non-existent. The in-store staff wouldn't refund the voucher, the staff at customer service kept me on the phone for an hour going around in circles to avoid a refund at all costs. In the end I was told their mast had been down since April 2009 and that the issue had been "escalated" - but they still refused to refund me. I'm left with a useless 3GB voucher and two weeks to expiry. I won't go anywhere near a 3 shop again.

  • happy

    by Wendy at 11:11 on 13 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I have read some rather poor reviews of 3 and their customer services and despite what I read I still decided to purchase a 3 phone - I had problems with the signal, however 3's customer services couldn't have been more helpful - everyone I spoke to had an accent which, at times, proved a little difficult to understand, however, their command of the English language far exceeds my knowledge of theirs! The problem turned out to be a fault with the phone (I didn't buy it direct from 3). My new phone is great - I live in a rural area but the signal is really rather good. I have sent a courtesy email 3 and spoken to one of their supervisors to thank them for their assistance - it is a shame that so many people will only write reviews when the service/product falls below their expectations.

  • happy

    by Martin at 22:14 on 10 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I had been experiencing poor speeds recently, after a year or so of use. I complained to 3 and, although it took a month or so to sort out my speeds have drastically increased. Customer service, although based abroad, was great throughout. In the interim I tried an O2 dongle and it was on a par with 3 at its worse although promising good speeds. Customer service while friendly were not very effective.

  • unhappy

    by Cormac at 21:36 on 10 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    3 mobile broadband is infuriatingly annoying...if u want to muck about on the internet its generally ok,its obviously from suffering some enormous contention rates at any peak times it shows 0.0kbs send/receive info but knowing that is only the half of it because if its running fine and you have any long correspondance on a website u generally find by the time its typed the dongle is either showing 0.0 or has disconnected and only the fact that its the only real ''broadband'' available i'd have powderised it and cancelled the direct debit....if u have ANY alternative go for it because this will make u tear ur hair out!!

  • unhappy

    by jude at 23:13 on 9 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Don't even think about three just now - i have tried my postcode which supposed to have excellent coverage by 3 but in reality it is crap.

  • unhappy

    by Rob at 10:33 on 9 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I have the same experience as Slang.
    I have been with 3 for two years, it worked fine at the start but has slowed down cosiderably.
    Now it is unusable during 'normal' hours.
    At 5.30 am it is great but in the evening or weekend I am lucky to even get a connection.
    This is near Oxford Street London where one would expect a good signal.
    In the 3 shop down the road they are selling dozens of broadband modems with false promises of fast connections.
    Customer services say the fault is with my laptop, funny how it is OK at 5.30am but faulty at 7.00 pm!
    Don't touch 3 with a bargepole.

  • unhappy

    by kay at 9:38 on 8 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I placed an order with 3 yesterday for mobile broadband (plus laptop). I printed off the web confirmation which said I would get an email. I didn't. I phoned the contact no. on their website and just got a message saying it was no longer in use. Eventually found a no. and when I phoned they said they had no trace of my web ref or of my order. (I went through Quidco and can see the pending cashback on their website so the order definitely went through. I was advised by 3 to re-order. Don't think so.

  • happy

    by Mike at 18:24 on 7 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I work as a software engineer for an internet provider and i get my home BBand for free. So i decided to "waste" some of my cash on a PAYG dongle by 3 Mobile Broadband (and no, I don't work for 3), for curiosity's sake. The deal on the dongle was brilliant, £4 for a dongle worth 29.99 at the time. The deal in now £9.99 and u can find on the web (and no i don't work for the reseller either).
    Reading all the bad reviews, I was 100% convinced that i was wasting my £4. But i now am surprised how good it is. I consistently get between 500kb/s to 1.3Mb/s. On the ferry back from France, 20 min after departure, I managed to get a connection that was good enough to browse the web and chat in gmail. Today, whilst driving home from work, i let my EEE 701 (running linux eeebuntu) play the bbc news (yes the video, and no i was not watching it all the way, as that would be illegal, but i let it play and the audio was fine), and apart from a couple of glitches (which I was expecting) it was perfect. No kidding. I may well be one of those lucky enough to live in a decent coverage area (30 miles of north London). The fact that I have been playing with PCs for the past 12 years definitely helps solving possible issues, but for me it was a plug in, connect, and browse, from the second i got the dongle. And this is on Linux, when u have to add a couple of more packages to make it work (this dongle is a composite usb device - both modem and memory stick). I top up the dongle with vouchers bought at the local Tesco. As i said, I was more curious than in need of it. I can understand the frustration that some of the users are going through (I remember the days of 56kb/s modems not connecting), but I did not get any issues. Which in a way annoyed me, as I was ready for a proper "hate mail" write up NTL style.
    The data cost are a little on the high end (give it some time they will drop). But as for usability I am impressed.
    Thumbs up from me.

  • unhappy

    by Slang at 9:01 on 6 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I have been a 3 mobile broadband customer for 2 years. I live in east London. The speed has decreased over the last 12 months to a point where it is basically impossible to even connect to the internet. Customer support denies that there are any problems with the speed, even though it is obvious that the network cannot handle the number of licenses they have sold. I have tried to terminate my contract but have been told I need to call on a specific day in September (which is a Sunday!). 3 has not provided me with Terms and Conditions stating this fact, and they won't sent me the Terms and Condition. Don't touch their services.

  • unhappy

    by Paula Yhomas at 11:10 on 5 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    My broadband at home is provided by o2. My ususal form of roaming internet is with T. mobile...but whilst visisting my Terminally ill father just over a week ago I found I had omitted to take my 'dongle'. In desperation I rushed out to purchase another one which I needed for 2 days only.
    I was advised that 3 network had excellent coverage for my fathers address!! Armed with my new dongle I proceeded to top-up (this cost another £10 on top of the expenditure).
    Then surprise surprise... it doesn't work!
    I contacted the help desk "Yes it's fine in that area but we are having network problems try again in a few days or another postcode." What!?
    I notified them that this was impractical, but would indeed persevere. I have now tried 4 different postcode areas, all with the same result.
    3 Network is nothing but a big fraud - how they continue to get away with selling products in areas where they know they won't work is a complete mystery.
    I want to know how I can get my money back for the completely useless product I was compelled to purchase?

  • happy

    by Steven Delory at 23:59 on 4 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    3 have just upgraded in my postcode, now sharing masts with T-mobile. Getting average speed of 2.4 mbps!

  • unhappy

    by Nigel at 23:21 on 4 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Network 3 should be taken to court for fraud. The coverage is beyond belief. Network error, no network coverage, error in connection. People usually get told I'm unavaliable rather than sent to answer phone. Even when they rang me up to renew my contract the man on the phone agreed with me network 3 are rubbish and to try 02. They gave me a £10 reduction on my bill due to such a bad service DONT get trapped into a contract with them!

  • happy

    by Aidan at 14:28 on 1 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I use the pay as you go version and I am happy with the service i recive from them for the most part. I play a lot of online games (Warcraft, BFH, CSS) and generally get a good connection with minimal lag. I also watch movies online and although the initial buffering can be a pain once its started its pretty smooth.

    The main problem i have is the price per Gb for PaYG as it is £25 for 7Gb and on a contract it is £15 for 15GB, I know that PaYG is alwats more costly but i think 10gb for £25 would be better imo

  • unhappy

    by Keith Alexander at 13:39 on 30 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    I bought the 3 dongle about 2 years ago to give myself a backup for my home office when my service with Pipex was unexpectedly switched off by them. The performance of the dongle was pretty marginal and I ended up mounting it on a pole on the roof (weather proofed with a plastic bag) with about 30 feet of USB lead connecting it to my PC and in this form it gave a poor but useable connection into my PC at my work office using Windows Remote Desktop.

    A few weeks later, and after my company had bought three of the dongles to give to its sales engineers for use when they were on the road, the ability to access our desktops suddenly disappeared. Calls to the 3 tech support guys were useless and took us nowhere fast. In the end a colleague who knew one of the network Engineers at 3 found out that access to the ports used for RDP had been blocked by 3 because they didn't approve of it being used in this way and intended it only for web browsing.

    Fortunately for my company they were able to return the dongles and get their money back under the 30 day warantee, as for me; I was stuck with paying for the damned thing until the contract expired!

  • neutral

    by laura at 17:22 on 28 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    this was the worst buy ever i brought it and can not get any network im angry! :(

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