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  • unhappy

    by Pete at 14:16 on 23 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    E160G in a stong signal area 98% so dashboard says and still only get 40k to 50k upload. download varies to time of day sometimes download is 1mb (very rare normally early sat morning) other times 150k but on average 300-400k . customer service is useless , shops turn round to say nothing they can do other than sell you a phone. So if you want want to have a backup broadband then this will do the job if you want to use this as a home broadband replacement then look elsewhere. Before even looking at any mobile broadband make sure the modem you get is capable of 7.2mb download and make sure you get the newer hsupa as this will very shortly allow greater upload speeds of upto 5.2mb

  • unhappy

    by Martin118(Swansea) at 12:25 on 19 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    E-mail Allan.Mcluckie -at- three.co.uk (Director of Customer Services) with any complaints. I had my 18mth contract cancelled without penalty. Don't hesitate... do it now... It worked for me and I'm totally " Three" free..!

  • happy

    by Mark at 17:39 on 16 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    I've been using this for 6 weeks now on 12GB/12mo PAYG and although its not broadband speed (I reckon I get about 300kbps download) is been rock solid reliable (on all day, no disconnects), though I am somewhat out in the sticks here (Neath, nr Swansea). Previously I was using a 3G/HSDPA PAYG phone as tethered modem (naughty!) which was unreliable and only allowed access to squeaky-clean sites, so the dongle is a vast improvement. Of course your mileage may vary but I thought I'd comment to counter the general negative reviews here.

  • unhappy

    by Ann Distin at 21:54 on 15 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Has anyone had a problem when closing account? I wrote in July to close my account as my contract ended in August,since then I have 3 letters from different baliffs costing me £100 because I have not paid my bills and I dont have any way to protect myself they say they have sent my PAC I have not seen it!
    really upset no phone but big bill.

  • unhappy

    by ANGRY (Swansea) at 19:34 on 13 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    3 Mobile New Truthful Ad Campaign - Come to 3 Mobile where our highly trained staff have lying down to a fine art. We will promise you the earth and deliver little but hey we got your money so who cares. Our broadband speed is as good as any of our rivals if only we could get it to work. Our call centres are ready to deal with any complaints you may have as long as you realise its all your fault because this is a automated response from our staff. We can offer you a lot of time wasting, stress and don't bother to complain to Ofcom as they are as deaf as we are. Finally welcome to 3 mobile broadband where our motto is "Take the mugs for as much as you can".

  • neutral

    by padge at 18:57 on 11 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    ive just bought the PAYG dongle. found it, installed and connected real quickly, good connection speed untill i had to install the driver updates which was so slow kept getting timed out. after about an hour or so it finally installed the update which has given me a shabby interface with kbs instead of mbs and my browsing as slowed considerably, wish i hadnt updated now lol,

  • unhappy

    by Laura at 12:00 on 11 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    The mobile broadband worked ok for the first while but has been really bad for the past few weeks or so. The whole network was down yesterday and was still not up and running this morning. To 3's credit they did try to phone me back but couldn't understand a word of the voicemail left by the Indian/Pakistani or whatever so no further forward. They've also written with suggestions as to how to sort the problem but this didn't help.
    Apparently the server in my area is being upgraded (how convenient!) so there might be disruption to service but 3 should be writing to customers to tell them this (if it's true of course!) but the fact that they've not written tells me it's just an excuse.

  • unhappy

    by christopher lewis at 7:52 on 11 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    I got 3 mobile broadband yesterday 10-3-2009 from my local warrington store 15gb for 30 pounds a month i thought get it home great itll be worth it how wrong can i be i couldnt get a connection from 4pm to 1am and even then it was at 1 bar speed it took me 20 mins to load a page . the longest connection i had was 10 mins even then it couldnt load yahoo.co.uk or facebook or pc world etc.
    Don't get this broadband im takin mine back today for a refund as it states in the book if u take it back within 3 days u can get your contract cancelled.

  • unhappy

    by tracy jolley at 0:22 on 11 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Disgusted, three attempts to fix the same problem still wont let us use the internet I have waited in on four seperate occasions when they say they are picking it up to repair and they have not turned up. Customer service lie most of the time to you but not all of the time
    After sales are terrible, we were very happy with it for three months never had a problem until christmas.
    Never been able to use it properly since!!!!
    We still have to keep putting credit back on when they return it saying that they have fixed it only to waste our money again because it does not work.
    Avoid at all costs I am waiting in tonight for a member of the the supervisory team to phone me back after he has been in his meeting, which now has lasted seven hours (I think not)
    I will be going back to the place I purchased it from for a refund or exchange without a repair I have had enough and would not reccommend to anybody.

  • unhappy

    by i hate 3 at 1:25 on 10 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    3 moblie is rubbish please do not join it. i have a 18-month contract with them, they are rubbish; customer services is crap, they dont even spk english plzzz dont waste your money on this network.

  • unhappy

    by Tim R at 1:20 on 8 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Avoid like the plague!
    I decided to venture into the world of Mobile BroadBand in Nov '08, at the time the service I recieved was quite acceptable, reasonably fast connection speeds and also reliable. Now approx. 3 months down the line and my impressions have drastically changed. 3 MBB is utterly useless, connection speeds that wouldnt be acceptable via a dial-up-modem, and constant disconnections ( 10 minutes is a good connection period for me), this makes even the simplest of online activities extremely tedious. I have also experienced the joys of their Indian based call centre, numerous, very long, expensive calls that get you absolutely no where, apart from them implying that its a fault of "your PC, couldnt possibly be their fault". As a business I am utterly gobsmacked with 3's utter contempt for their customers, but then I keep forgetting that everything nowadays is based on keeping the share holders happy at the expense of screwing over the customer. Luckily I am on Pay-as-you-go, and I wont be paying, but will be going as far from 3 as possible very soon. I feel very sorry for all the unlucky people who were duped into getting into a contract with these cowboys, and have read many forum posts about 3's heavy handed tactics when people try to end their contracts.
    I have a theory,,, too many customers on an outdated network, and as i stated before share holder happiness comes before anything else, including updating their woefully inadequate service.
    Apologies for ranting in this manner, but I've just about had it with 3, may they rot in hell.

  • unhappy

    by Getting ANGRY (Swansea) at 22:28 on 7 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Just did a mobile broadband speed test (bottom of the page) 0.09 mgps download & 0.04 upload. Can 3 mobile get any slower?

  • neutral

    by Michael Parrott at 15:50 on 4 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    I bought my 3g mobile broadband at christmas worked fine for a week so I know it must have been installed correctly. Can hardly get online now even though it says I have a strong signal. A load of rubbish I feel I been conned out of £100 for a very inferior product that fails so miserably to do what it says on the box. As a previous complainent said, how are they allowed to get away with it?

  • unhappy

    by Fed Up (Swansea) at 21:51 on 2 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    I have had 3 mobile internet since June 08 and the service I receive you would expect from a third world country. Complain and they try to tell you its your fault and that 3 mobile is the best available product on the market (how is this possible when my friend has T Mobile and his internet speed is far greater than 3 mobile from the same location) I cannot wait to finish my contract. I am also compiling a report of internet speeds I have received (random testing) to OFCOM and will be asking then why they allow 3 mobile to get away with it. If you have any data I could use sent it to me at [email protected]

  • unhappy

    by carrie at 16:45 on 1 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    Its rubbish ...............
    The call center staff ive added to my facebook account, because i ring them so much,i lose connection so much that i dont even bother trying to connect,ive done everything to try and make it work, but yet to have over 4 soild minutes of connection without losing the internet and 9 times out of 10 what im writing,ive got over £35 in credit that i cant even use on it, and nobody at the head office will listen to me,i have 4 friends in the same post code who have the same issues,ive had 2 new modems none which work, and im just at a loss at what to do now,
    What ever you do DO NOT buy one of 3s mobile broadband.

  • unhappy

    by Margaret Hall at 17:19 on 28 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I have had this product since July 2008 and as long as I stay in Newcastle it works fine however when I leave Newcastle and head for Cumberland it is a complete waste of money as the coverage is almost non existant and I can't access the internet at all.

  • unhappy

    by Alan at 16:39 on 28 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    My connection is at best sporadic and at worst non-existent. Approximately 1 in every 5 times it doesn't even connect, when it does it averages 50-60kbps (compared to the 1000 I was told I'd get), and often doesn't work between 8pm and 10pm - and I live in inner London, not exactly a marginal coverage area. I was told it might be too much demand, but that's not acceptable given that you pay £15 a month for it.

    The call centre (in India) is terrible. You can be as co-operative and composed as you like - they will throw it back in your face and repeatedly tell you to perform speed tests, as if it couldn't possibly be their problem, even though so many people have cited the same issue. Writing letters to the UK office doesn't help either - they refer it to the same call centre.

    I'd give 3 customer service 1 out of 10 - at least they eventually answer the phone after you've spent 20 minutes paying them to keep you waiting.

    Value for money, 1 out of 10 again - at least it sometimes connects!!

    I ended up abandoning the contract and getting traditional DSL - and it's great.

    I would not recommend 3 to my biggest enemy. Awful. Just awful.

  • unhappy

    by Caroline Illingworth at 11:31 on 28 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Will NEVER recommend 3 mobile broadband again!
    Like lots of other reviews on here, Ive had nothing but trouble for months! Keeps disconnecting, will not connect at times at all! Spent an absolute fortune on phone calls etc.
    Was sent away for repair, and therefore without internet for a week! (and therefore not getting the service I am paying for!) Came back and problem exactly the same if not worse!!) they now tell me I have to return it again! Leaving me without my service Im paying for again!!! Have told them it is totally unacceptable, but they are just not interested! I know now other people who are having the same problem, and it seems after a few months of use these dongles have the same problem! It appears after a certain time they just give up!) Maybe why they have now changed the style of modem! The after sales service is dreadfull! They just don't seem to care, and are not prepared in any way to offer any alternative other than repeatedly sending it away! Not very fair when you are paying for a service that you can't use!!

  • unhappy

    by Rosie Rollestone at 17:34 on 26 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I am absolutely disgusted with the after sales service and fault-line service I have received from this provider. I have been without connection since mid-January, and it was sporadic from mid-December. The many telephone calls to engineers steered me to assuming the fault was with my end, and even with Google. I live within .5 miles of the mast and can see it from my property - as I have informed them.  My letter of complaint and request for action resulted in the dongle being sent back to me by almost return of post, with a letter suggesting that I follow the steps I had already taken and had clearly stated in my letter to them. I am amazed that their unwillingness to accept responsibility and solve the problem willingly. I have never experienced such a poor customer after-sales service.

  • neutral

    by williamus at 0:40 on 20 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I don't quite know what to say. I had loads of problems around Christmas and was without access for over a week. Then I could'nt access certain sites (no, not dodgy ones) and they kept telling me it was my fault. After loads of complaining it suddenly works. And not just works, but works well. I'm getting 2.7meg at the moment (typical) and had 3.8 meg when I checked earlier in the week.

    I still think it's demand outstripping the capacity of their local servers and they obviously can sort that if you complain long and loud enough. But we shouldn't have to, should we?

  • neutral

    by madmoma at 8:20 on 19 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    my friend has a 3 dongle but it ic saying it is connected but will not let us connent to the internet and get more signal can someone please help with this problem

  • unhappy

    by Gino Guarino at 22:17 on 17 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    How can 3 mobile say that they only advertise up to 2.8 mbps because they want to be truthful to their customers. The UK average speed for 3 mobile is only .767 mbps, why can't they tell the truth and advertise that. I did once get 1.389 mbps but my average speed is .237 mbps. My contract runs out in May so I can switch to a proper ISP. I suggest that people take speed readings every week at different times and send the results to OFCOM

  • unhappy

    by angryindonegal at 2:39 on 14 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    well, i got onto theis 3 mobile in july08, thinkin it would be so handy for me, and lets face it, cheap.. 20 euros per month with a 10gb download limit.. at the begining, it was working fine. a few months into the contract, the modem stopped working, after callin customer care, i was advised to take the modem back to the shop, and was informen it was at the shops discretion weather id get a replacement modem, alas, i didnt. i was without a modem, thereofre internet acces for 2 weeks. anyhow, the modem came back, and almost on a weekly basis, im on the phone to them as i have had nothing but trouble with it. like a poster mentioned above, id go to send an email, only to find the modem was disconnected, but not, if u know what i mean. this resulted in often havin to rewrite a lengthy email in the hope my connection would allow me to send it! in regards to the dosconnection thing, well, it says on the dial up page i was connected, but my connection icon in my taskbar showed i had local only access, which in turn, wont let me access anythin! so to resolve that, i have to manually disconnect it and redial again. just lately a new problem has arisen; when u connect, the letters HSDPA 3 show, but iv noticed that it is alternating between that and 3G 3 a lot, and when it does so, pages wont load, and on msn in particular, its causing 10 second delays. again, on the fone to 3 customer servies this eveing, they said there were no reported faults in the area! what can i do? does anyone know of a solution other than cancelling it? if so, please help.. im pulling my hair out. thanks..

  • unhappy

    by Amy at 13:02 on 13 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with 3mobile for a few months now and have had nothing but trouble. Only small issues to start with but still a pain. I had to take my laptop and the modem back to the store on numerous occasions to ask the staff there for help. I would go away reassured that the problem was fixed to then get home and find that I still had the same issues. Luckily I had a contact at work who kindly offered to take a look and my laptop is fine now. It is the modem that is the problem!! At the start I always had full signal (8-9 bars) now I am lucky if i get (2 bars!!) This isn't good enough. I am paying monthly for 3mobile to provide me with internet access and it isn't happening. I plan to take the modem to the store tomorrow and explain. I am not going to pay for something that doesn't work. My partner and I use the laptop for work, emails and other things. I am always half way through an email and then the signal cuts out. The modem came witha booklet explaining that if the light on the modem flashes dark blue you have 'full signal.'. Funny that though as when it is flashing dark blue, the laptop says there isnt any connection.
    It seems that no matter what you buy these days you are conned left, right and centre. I wish anyone thinking of buying a modem from 3mobile much luck.

  • unhappy

    by susan harding at 15:01 on 10 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I ordered a mobile broadband package via the internet for my Mother when her compaq mini 700 laptop arrived it was dead on arrival, I contacted Hewlitt Packard who I must say were very helpful but they said I had to contact 3, there lies a great epic, after 27 phone calls and being given many different numbers to call, all I might add 0870 numbers, we eventually got through to someone who could actually help us. As my Mother is in her late seventies she was severley distressed by all this and now does not want the package, so here we go again with loads of different numbers to call again to cancel! Why oh why can we not have a number to call where we can speak to a real sales person straight away? This whole business has put me off 3 myself, and i have been with them a long time.

  • happy

    by michelle at 1:37 on 9 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    well ive got the3 starter pack for 12 mths and its fantastic working so fast its purrfect thanks 3 for making my life so much easier on the go what a great dongle and cheap too thanks again keep up the hard work

  • unhappy

    by DJ Bez at 14:02 on 6 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Bought one of these in Nov 2007, just started at Uni at Coventry, living in Radford but quite close to a 3 mast. This was in the early days, I think we might have even been a test site.

    Never got much more than 2-3 bars of signal but amazing, real broadband speeds all the time, every time. No problem with watching youtube vids or anything like that, I often sailed close to my 1GB limit every month!

    Then back home on placement, so it stayed in my laptop bag, just the occaisional use, and it even worked in the middle a field near Keynsham (and still does, used it last month) and even worked on the bypass in Brecon, Wales!

    Now back to Coventry, and I've been living in a flat near the Bus Station for a month.

    Best I ever get is 5k speeds, 24/7, no joke. Have tried EVERYTHING you can imagine, except phone 3 as its expensive and I can just imagine the b-s runaround I would get. I really would like to cancel as it is next to useless.

    Avoid like the plague. It is obvious that the once OK service is now so flooded with users, it cannot be used. All I can do now is send emails S L O W L Y....

    In fact, having just read this page I've realised I'm not alone, and my suspicions that it was just my dongle, or interference from the bus station radios, etc... are wrong, and its totally 3's fault. I'm going to look into ending this dog poo contract asap!

  • happy

    by hommik2009 at 21:51 on 2 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    my 3 mobile broadband works perfectly. and im staying in the countryside. da ken whats wrang wee your yeans like

  • unhappy

    by MR ROUT at 15:30 on 2 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    what a waste of money very poor signal very slow you will told you will get 3.6meg yeh right i live a 1/4 mile away from trasmetter and get 50kbps not 3600kbps as they said do not get three broadband as waste of money

  • neutral

    by williamus at 9:52 on 31 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    When this service works it's excellent. Once you get the hang of queuing the PAYG top ups its good value too. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't work at all. I had virtually no service at all for over a week in spite of a perfect connection with 3. So I complained by phone and email...

    WARNING! The helpdesk is worse than useless, in fact it's positively dangerous. They'll tell you it's a problem with your PC, they'll have you uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting cookies, adjusting security settings, etc, etc. The reality is that nine-times-out-of-ten it's their server capacity/configuration that is causing the problems. It's not foolproof but if you click "network and sharing centre" (control panel) it'll show you where the problem is.

    After a load of emails and calls, suddenly the service started working again and now it's fine. No explanation. I'm sure I should be grateful but I'm not.

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