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  • happy

    by Mark Richardson at 0:00 on 31 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    Still a very good service from 3 MBB in Manchester and the North of England with excellent connection speeds (HSDPA) although I take the point of Karen from Hove. I was in Brighton over the weekend staying with a friend who has a flat on the hill above Brighton railway station. I was receiving an excellent signal although the speeds were exceptionally slow. I've stayed not far away (a few streets away0 from where I stayed over the weekend and I received a fabulous connection speed. I'm sure the connection problems with Brighton and Hove must be of a topographic nature and some people experience weak signals and poor connection speeds owing to the hilly nature of Brighton & Hove.

  • happy

    by Ipswich Bill at 18:35 on 29 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    3 dongle has been fine. Installed first time. I've ditched my Tiscali broadband at home - don't need it anymore.

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