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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

Broadband Genie Award WinnerBroadband Genie Award Winner

Plusnet came out fighting in our Home Broadband Survey 2014.

Thanks to some great survey results across the board - where 81% of customers would recommend the service - Plusnet was the clear leader in every category and the only choice for the Best Broadband Provider.

But that wasn't all Plusnet won - it also walked away with the Best Budget Broadband gong from the Broadband Genie Home Broadband Survey 2014.

This wasn't just about being cheap. The ISP performed well across most categories, proving it is possible to add value to a quality product.

Who are Plusnet?

Yorkshire-based 'honest broadband' provider Plusnet has a strong range of products and a good reputation both with customers and in the industry itself. Now providing both ADSL and fibre with mega cheap offers up to unlimited deals for gamers, there should be something for everyone.

Starting out as Force9 Internet in 1997, the Plusnet brand we know today was launched as a dial-up ISP in June 2000, adding broadband later the same year. The company was bought up by BT early in 2007 but still operates under its own brand name. To this day relies heavily on referrals from its current customers to help fuel its growth strategy, showing cheap doesn't have to mean low quality.

Plusnet has won awards from the likes of Which? (Recommended Provider, February 2012), PC Advisor and the ISPA, as well as several Broadband Genie accolades, including Best Broadband in 2013 and 2014.

Customer reviews

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  • unhappy

    by Jacqui Farasowskyie at 15:46 on 16 Apr 2015

    PlusNet is one of the worst providers I have ever come across in my life. I swapped from TalkTalk a big mistake. They mis sell their products. They don't tell you that you get your phone activated first then your broadband weeks later. You have to wait 15 minutes to actually get to speak to someone, atrocious. I wanted to cancel my phone service and was told I would have to pay £140. I am very aware of contract law and told them I would not be paying anything as they are in breach of their side of the contract. Two appointments arranged for engineer to come, on both occasions no engineer turned up. Do not go with PlusNet. How they have received awards is beyond me but perhaps customers paying a subscription fee to 'Which' magazine has something to do with it.

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  • unhappy

    by Miss Richie at 14:36 on 16 Mar 2015 | registered | 1 post

    I was with Plusnet for five years.

    To be fair, all of the issues I have had with them occurred in the last year.

    I renewed my contract with Plusnet after completing my previous one, it was a big mistake.

    At the point of purchase I was continually miss-sold products and services. When I entered my contract, and didn't receive the services for which I was paying I made a complaint. In a nutshell it was never resolved. Every single month I was overcharged, and every single month Plusnet did not provide the services they sold to me over the phone. They finally advised that they could/would not be able to provide the services quoted at the point of purchase at the price stated. But said that I 'could go elsewhere'!!.. Nice, considering they had breached their contract, and had it been the other way around I would have had to pay a hefty cancellation charge!

    The complaint was escalated higher and higher, I wrote to the CEO and Director of Customer Services, where my complaint was dealt with by 'Customer Excellence Advisors'--who were less than excellent. The level of competence expressed at senior management level was lacking to say the least. They did not follow their own complaints procedure, continually closed down my tickets (open complaints), continued to overcharge me for services (such as landline calls--which are supposed to be FREE!!), refused to return my calls and continued to fail to provide my services.

    In the end the last straw was when I was left without broadband for 4 days. Not only did Plusnet do nothing about it, they categorically refused as they said it would cost them too much money to send out an engineer to fix it if I was going to move service providers. I spoke to their technical support department, (which they harp on about being based in the UK) where I was verbally abused!! In the end I was forced to move provider.

    I was offered an appalling sum of compensation, which was an insult considering what I went through and the fact I had been their customer for so many years. I really felt under appreciated for all my years of loyal custom.

    I have never in my life experienced such appalling customer service! I am extremely disappointed and would urge all parties to stay very far away from them!

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  • unhappy

    by Jon at 20:15 on 6 Mar 2015

    Appalling service, takes over a month to get connected, no useful communication from the company - although plenty of confusing and contradictory emails.

    Plus net is not interested in providing customer service in any way.

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  • happy

    by Peter on Merseyside at 13:52 on 6 Mar 2015

    Sad to see several problems. Some issues like installation problems/ missed appointments are down to Openreach (Ofcom opened an investigation, since {BT} Openreach engineers are responsible to ISPs for the majority of installations, repairs and fault detecting, and ISPs get all the criticism, when they too, are "just a customer" {of Openreach}).

    If someone is rude to any customer support staff, then staff have the right to put the phone down, so while I can appreciate your annoyance, the person you speak to isn't personally to blame, they are just working their shift... I had to "bite my tongue" when The Post Office wanted to overcharge me for my second broadband connection, but it wasn't the young lady's fault, it's down to computers {and similarly anyone complaining about staff having to follow what seems like a set of random questions from a script - it is built from efficiently detecting faults and hoping to get a speedy remedy without an engineer callout as that can cost over 125 quid if you have poor wiring).

    At end of month I will have been with PN for 12 years. I know they're not perfect, but few people come on to sing praises of any ISP - the vast majority of comments on every web site will be complaints to "get it off your chest". I would not recommend them to my sister (v happy) or clients if I was unhappy with their speedy, reliable, service 99.99% of the time.

    Check out comparisons here and elsewhere and it's not for no good reasons that PN has won customer service awards year after year. Current growth might dent their chances this year (they opened a second Yorkshire call centre, in Leeds) but overall they are one of the better ISPs for the money (I switch my computer back to PN from the Post Office connection {service is from TalkTalk under PO brand} when I want guarantee of reasonable download speeds while viewing Twit.TV service and NowTV).

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