Virgin Broadband

  • Broadband bundles available with TV and phone
  • Cable broadband with speeds up to 200Mb

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Broadband + Phone

Virgin Super 50 Fibre Broadband & Weekend Calls
50Mb max speed 18 months £21 per month 0800 276 1162
Student Deal: Virgin 100Mb Broadband (No Phone line)
100Mb max speed 9 months £39 per month 0800 276 1162
9 month contract
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Broadband + TV

Virgin The Player Bundle
50Mb max speed 12 months £26 per month 0800 276 1162
Virgin The Fun bundle
100Mb max speed 18 months £41 per month 0800 276 1162
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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

Broadband Genie Survey Winner

Virgin Media was a dominating presence in the 2016 Home Broadband Survey. For starters, the provider once again outranked every other ISP for speed by a country mile, with an average download rate more than twice as fast as the closest rival.

Virgin was also first for customer speed satisfaction and reliability, and second for customer care, tech support and most recommended. It was also a close runner-up for the best bundled provider.

This consistently strong performance led to the provider being crowned Best ISP for 2016.

Who are Virgin?

Virgin Media is the latest company to nail its colours on the UK's cable network - the only real challenger to BT's telephone exchanges used by most other fixed-lined broadband provider. And they're making a pretty good go of it too: Virgin fibre speeds now run 'up to' 200Mb, exceeding the best performance of BT's fastest fibre optic lines, and you can throw TV, mobile and phone lines into the deal too. Support is about average for fixed-line broadband, which means it isn't great. However it is free, with tech support lines open 24/7 (to 'global' call centres).

It's been quite a journey for cable in the UK. US company Telewest hoovered up a lot of smaller UK cable firms in the 80s and 90s, while the privatised Independent Broadcasting Authority - bought by CableTel and all renamed NTL in 1998 - began doing the same. NTL and Telewest merged in 2006, with NTL:Telewest then merging with Virgin Mobile in 2007. Virgin Media cable broadband service now has more than 4.5 million subscribers, making it the third biggest provider behind BT and Sky.