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  • Great savings on offer if you bundle broadband with TV and phone
  • Good special offers for new customers
  • If you aren't in a cable area, Virgin National (ADSL broadband) is a good alternative
  • No fair use policy but packages with unlimited downloads may be restricted by acceptable use and traffic management policies

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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

Broadband Genie Survey Winner

Virgin Media once again did very well in the 2015 Home Broadband Survey. The ISP received our Fastest Broadband Provider award for its speed test performance, demonstrating average speeds that were double its nearest rival.

Virgin was also a finalist for Best Broadband Provider, putting in a very impressive performance in all areas. It was second only to winner Plusnet in four of the five categories, and the highest ranked provider for speed satisfaction.

The firm was also nominated for our Best Bundled Provider award for its excellent cable TV and high speed broadband packages.

Who are Virgin?

Virgin Media is the latest company to nail its colours on the UK's cable network - the only real challenger to BT's telephone exchanges used by every other fixed-lined broadband provider. And they're making a pretty good go of it too: cable speeds now run 'up to' 152Mb, exceeding the best performance of BT's fastest fibre optic lines, and you can throw TV, mobile and phone lines into the deal too. Support is about average for fixed-line broadband, which means it isn't great. However it is free, with tech support lines open 24/7 (to 'global' call centres).

It's been quite a journey for cable in the UK. US company Telewest hoovered up a lot of smaller UK cable firms in the 80s and 90s, while the privatised Independent Broadcasting Authority - bought by CableTel and all renamed NTL in 1998 - began doing the same. NTL and Telewest merged in 2006, with NTL:Telewest then merging with Virgin Mobile in 2007. Virgin Media cable broadband service now has more than 4.5 million subscribers, making it the third biggest provider behind BT and Sky.

Virgin Media's cable coverage is gradually improving and its 'super-fast' broadband is now available to millions of homes. It plans to roll this out over the entire network and has also commenced are program where speeds are to be increased for no extra cost, giving the option of 50Mb, 100Mb or 152Mb services, with 152Mb available in a growing number of select locations.

Customer reviews

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  • happy

    by Christopher Haden at 13:58 on 13 May 2015 | registered | 2 posts

    Since my last review I've moved and again I'm with Virgin

    Had a torrid time while using there netgear router but has now been replaced by something else I'm guessing non netgear. As a result reliability is far better for Ethernet and wifi connections and rarely plays up

    The connection itself isn't so bad, occasional half day dropouts do occur but not on a regular basis and when it's up the speed is superb.

    I object to there fair usage policies though. If I'm in a 30 or 60 MB unlimited usage contract I expect to be able to use it for long periods of time. On occasion I do use the most of the contracted bandwidth over the early hours of the morning. I.e non premium usage times. I do not therefore expect snotty letters through the post threatening to seriously reduce bandwidth and connectivity based on fair usage policies. I notice they don't also include a reduction in the bill at the same time. Basically they like the money but don't like delivering the service.

    Also note Virgin are actively blocking a hell of a lot of sites now. On the most part this doesn't bother me but depending on your intended download usage you should consider this.

    I've not had to call engineers out for a long time but in the past they have been notoriously unreliable at keeping to appointments. This is really annoying when you take days of work to accommodate them.

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  • unhappy

    by Jessica at 23:07 on 12 May 2015

    Been a Virgin Media customer for 2 years, had very few problems. This year however firstly got disconnceted without warning, then shortly after reconnection internet started to become unreliable, dropping out a lot. Can happen at any time of day, tried phoning virgin and they claimed they'd found the problem and fixed it but no, its still unreliable.

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  • unhappy

    by Csilla at 16:17 on 8 May 2015

    During the 5 weeks i waited for Virgin Media to do the broadband installation, i made several unhelpful and costly calls to see why my appointments were rescheduled from their side without my prior notice, but all i was getting were excuses and no solutions. So after 5 weeks of waiting for the service and needing to spend extra money for dongles and extra mobile data in order to be able to do my work (because they weren`t even able to provide me at least with a provisional solution since the fault was from their side) i decided that i had enough of their unprofessionalism and unreliability, so i decided to change to TalkTalk.

    Despite all the marketing strategies applied by Virgin Media to gain more clients by stating that TalkTalk is the worst network provider, TalkTalk showed reliability by installing the service exactly on the day they promised to do so (no waiting and no excuses)! The service they provide is much cheaper than the ones offered by Virgin Media, and the speed limit is nearly the same (Virgin Media - 50Mb broadband / TalkTalk - 40Mb broadband).

    So dear Virgin Media, instead of focusing on marketing strategies on how to bring other competitors down, rather concentrate more on providing the service and quality you advertise and aim for client satisfaction not numbers - more likely to build up a serious and loyal clientele ;)

    TalkTalk - reliable / helpful / professional - 5 (stars)
    Virgin Media - unreliable / unnprofessional / incompetent to provide the service they promise - 1 (star - and that just because you were able to fool me around for so long)

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  • unhappy

    by Ben M at 14:22 on 22 Apr 2015

    Kept me hanging for weeks, when they arranged an install for the cable services then later rang me rang to cancel saying the property had be redeveloped into a flat and they would need to complete a survey of the property which may happen at a later date? wow Sherlock slow down! firstly obviously a flat i wanted residential cable installed and a later date? Great I will just hang around for you…. I thought BT had rubbish customer service, Virgin takes the biscuit.... wasted weeks of time waiting from them to get an act together.... then back to square one with not even a thank you. Totally useless, very disappointed would not recommend.

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