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  • You can add to your package with a variety of flexible service 'Boosts' including extra download allowance, calls or mobile minutes
  • Free customer and technical support.
  • Existing TalkTalk customers can upgrade to Essentials TV or Plus TV

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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

No wins for TalkTalk in the 2014 Home Broadband Survey but it was nominated in the Best Budget category for the "incredible value" of its Simply Broadband package, and in the Best Bundled Provider award for its affordable YouView TV bundles.

Who are TalkTalk?

After a nasty hiccup in the mid noughties (where it failed to properly prepare itself for the amount of people that went for its 'free broadband' campaign, leaving many unconnected and decidedly miffed), it has recovered well. Its prices are competitive for both straight broadband and telephone deals. But while cheap, it may not make you cheerful when things go wrong: support can leave a bit to be desired.

It was launched in 2003, after the consumer arm of Opal Telecom was bought and rebranded TalkTalk by The Carphone Warehouse. Through a series of acquisitions (most notably AOL, Tiscali and Pipex), TalkTalk became one of the biggest names in UK fixed-line broadband.

TalkTalk has become the fourth largest ISP in the UK, behind BT, Sky and Virgin Media, with more than four million customers. The TalkTalk brand stayed part of Carphone until becoming a wholly separate company again in 2010, merging back in with Opal's business broadband company.

In early 2011, TalkTalk said 90 per cent of UK households could now enjoy 'unbundled' broadband on its own network, with its equipment being in more than 2,000 BT exchanges. This LLU (local loop unbundling) technology should increase broadband speeds for its customers. However, speed has been a constant thorn in TalkTalk's side, not least because of acquiring many customers on slow services – particularly from AOL. Customer service issues have also led to customer dissatisfaction and a small drop in subscriber numbers.

While the 'free broadband' offer is long since past, its recent pricing relaunch introduced an interesting 'Boost' range of options which allows you to bolster the standard package by paying for extra download capacity, extra call time or even extra mobile call minutes.

TalkTalk has also launched 'TV Plus', a broadband, phone and TV bundle which includes a YouView PVR/IPTV box that normally retails for £299.

Customer reviews

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  • unhappy

    by joan borchardt at 12:01 on 18 Mar 2015 | registered | 1 post

    I joined talk talk 14feb 2014 had nothing but problems since then tv no reception kept freezing phone line not working no help when called rude staff the ones that you could understand.broadband has never worked was told by them if I cancel I have a fee to pay. would never recommend them to anyone.

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  • happy

    by Ms Collier at 19:03 on 11 Mar 2015

    I've been a Talk Talk broadband customer since August this year.

    I've had an intermittent connection issue for a couple of months now and today after 5 engineer visits I'm hoping the problem is resolved, as the Open reach engineer discovered that the crimps that hold the wiring together were corroded and this could of been causing the copper imbalance on my line. He changed the crimps.

    What I've learned is that intermittent connection issues like mine can be very difficult to diagnose and fix. I have made many many phonecalls to Talk Talk in recent weeks and I've found there customer service to be brilliant overall. Yes some advisers are more knowledgeable than others just as some engineers are more knowledgeable than others.

    Some reviewers point out that they can cut you off when speaking to you. This can sometimes happen when they are running test on the line, its not intentional.

    I believe my line problem existed when I was with Virgin Media as it was intermittent then and I was with them for 7 years. They denied there was a problem with my line and refused to even arrange an engineer visit so I just put up with it as I live in the country side and there wasn't many other providers to choose from. At least Talk talk have tried to get Open reach to fix my issue and hopefully it is now fixed!

    I will probably stay with Talk Talk forever more now as for me they have been the best and I would recomend them to anyone.

    I've had BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk.

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  • unhappy

    by david at 11:46 on 9 Mar 2015 | registered | 33 posts

    Talktalks motto, if they had one, would be 'win'. If the customer said black was white, TT would argue that black is grey. If the customer then said that black was grey, TT would argue that its white. If the customer, said that 2+2=4, then TT would argue about that. The customer always has to be wrong, therefor talktalk are always correct. They can not lose, will not lose. Argue, argue, argue. Contradict, contradict, contradict. Everything is seen as an opportunity for negotiation in their favour. They dont care about keeping the customer happy, only keeping themselves happy. Whenever they apologies it is meaningless, as they keep on doing something to apologies about. You can have a fault. You phone them and tell them. They ask you to repeat up to three times what you have explained. When you get tired of this and say you are no longer repeating what is perfectly clear (and should be by now) they say 'how can we help you if you do not tell us whats wrong?'. Get this for genius. 'We are not going to do what you want, as we want you to have a good customer experience'. This was a supervisor. I put it to one of them yesterday, do you suppose that if you successfully force the customer to do what they do not want to do, they are going to be even more happy with you, or even more unhappy with you?' The answer was basically an inferred if you dont like it leave. Talktalks idea of good customer service skill, is to force the customer to do what they want, or to beat the customer. Everything has to be argued about. youll also notice a tactic of answering a question that has not been asked, as a way of avoiding answering the question that has been asked. Switching subject in other words when they are losing or it seems like they are or could lose the argument. And yet they initiate the argument. In spite of everything they still will not let you go cleanly, because as i said it has to be done to their advantage. Letting you go and still collecting the money would be to their advantage, despite p$ssing the customer off completely. they still have to win. They lack social skill, shame and etiquette. They are like a half council brick thrown through a plate glass window. BTW just in case this is changed from angry - this is angry or red.

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  • unhappy

    by Jamie at 10:45 on 24 Feb 2015

    BEWARE MIS SELLING. After being directed to TalkTalk sales from, I agreed a package by phone with one of their sales team, reiterating the channel selection as part of the bundle. After a fortnight te service was installed and a number of the channels were not present. A call to customer service to enquire resulted in being told I'd need to pay more for additional channels and that they didn't accept responsibility due to the package coming froma third party site (though they promptly quietened when I explained that the deal had been made by phone with a TalkTalk sales team member and that channels had been verbalised to confirm). I asked to raise a formal complaints laint and was assured I'd be called within 5 working days. I wasn't, so on day six, i called again to enquire as to the status - clearly nothing had been done and hence being put on hold while the operator went back to his superiors. I was told the offer would remain as issued. As a consumer not having a complaint followed through is really customer service 101 so to have to follow up myself and be told this really compounded the problem. So i cancelled my contract immediately. Just be very careful of buying by phone. If you look online you'll see that mis selling is not uncommon, and that Talk Talk especially have a somewhat chequered past in this regard.

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