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Broadband + Phone

TalkTalk SimplyBroadband
17Mb max speed 12 months FREE £7.50 after 12 months 0800 049 7866
12 months FREE broadband
TalkTalk Fibre Broadband
38Mb max speed 18 months £8.75 £17.50 after 18 months 0800 049 7866
HALF PRICE for 18 months + 12 months FREE anytime calls boost
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Broadband + TV

TalkTalk Plus TV, Broadband & Anytime Calls + Mobile SIM
17Mb max speed 18 months £20 per month 0800 049 7866
TalkTalk Essentials TV, Broadband & Calls
17Mb max speed 18 months £7.50 £10 after 18 months 0800 049 7866
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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

There were no awards for TalkTalk in the 2016 Home Broadband Survey, and unfortunately it was one of the lowest rated ISPs in many categories.

The budget ISP came last for reliability, tech support, recommendations and speed. Not even its low price could save it from being second to last in the value category.

Who are TalkTalk?

After a nasty hiccup in the mid noughties (where it failed to properly prepare itself for the amount of people that went for its 'free broadband' campaign, leaving many unconnected and decidedly miffed), it has recovered well. Its prices are competitive for both straight broadband and telephone deals. But while cheap, it may not make you cheerful when things go wrong: support can leave a bit to be desired.

It was launched in 2003, after the consumer arm of Opal Telecom was bought and rebranded TalkTalk by The Carphone Warehouse. Through a series of acquisitions (most notably AOL, Tiscali and Pipex), TalkTalk became one of the biggest names in UK fixed-line broadband.

TalkTalk has become the fourth largest ISP in the UK, behind BT, Sky and Virgin Media, with more than four million customers. The TalkTalk brand stayed part of Carphone until becoming a wholly separate company again in 2010, merging back in with Opal's business broadband company.

In early 2011, TalkTalk said 90 per cent of UK households could now enjoy 'unbundled' broadband on its own network, with its equipment being in more than 2,000 BT exchanges. This LLU (local loop unbundling) technology should increase broadband speeds for its customers. However, speed has been a constant thorn in TalkTalk's side, not least because of acquiring many customers on slow services – particularly from AOL. Customer service issues have also led to customer dissatisfaction and a small drop in subscriber numbers.

While the 'free broadband' offer is long since past, its recent pricing relaunch introduced an interesting 'Boost' range of options which allows you to bolster the standard package by paying for extra download capacity, extra call time or even extra mobile call minutes.

TalkTalk has also launched 'TV Plus', a broadband, phone and TV bundle which includes a YouView PVR/IPTV box that normally retails for £299.