Sky Broadband

  • Broadband available as a standalone package, or bundled with Sky TV
  • Sky+ HD box allows you to pause/record/rewind live TV
  • TV customers also get access to Sky Go

Best selling deals from Sky:

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Broadband + Phone:

Sky Broadband
17Mb max speed 12 months FREE £10 after 12 months 0800 840 5386
1 year subscription to Deezer or £100 M&S voucher (Online only)
Sky Fibre Unlimited
38Mb max speed 12 months £10 £20 after 12 months 0800 840 5386
12 months HALF PRICE fibre
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Broadband + TV:

Sky TV Original Bundle & Broadband
17Mb max speed 12 months £15 £27.50 after 12 months 0800 840 5386
25% off TV + £75 bill credit
Sky TV Family Bundle & Broadband
17Mb max speed 12 months £27 £43.50 after 12 months 0800 840 5386
25% off TV + £75 bill credit
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Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

Broadband Genie Survey Winner

Sky has done well in previous years and their performance continued to impress in the 2015 Home Broadband Survey.

Sky was voted Best Bundle Provider by our judging panel thanks to its wide variety of packages which offer both cheap ADSL and superfast fibre paired with their famous satellite TV service.

Elsewhere they were a finalist for the overall Best Broadband Provider award, coming a very close third behind Virgin Media and winners Plusnet, and also a finalist for the Best Budget Provider category.

Who are Sky?

While the aptly named Sky television service is beamed down from above via the Astra satellites, its fixed-line broadband deals are grounded firmly in BT's phone lines. What many tend to do is put the two together, along with a phone line, to get a broadband/TV/phone bundle to rival the cable offerings of Virgin Media.

While comparable in many ways you won't currently get the internet speeds you can expect from the top Virgin Media deals. That said, Sky does now offer fibre internet up to 76Mb in addition to ADSL2+, and the Sky Broadband Unlimited offering really is unlimited. Also, it has a good support record with British-based service and support teams; a December 2012 Ofcom report commended Sky for its support, saying it had the best customer service compared to major competitors such as BT, TalkTalk and Virgin.

The BSkyB we know today was the result of firms Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting merging in 1990, now marketed largely as Sky. Its fully digital service was launched (quite literally, with the Astra 2A satellite) in 1997, since then it has moved from strength to strength. Sky Broadband now has more than five million subscribers, making it the second biggest ISP in the country. In 2013 Sky purchased O2's home broadband business (including the gamer-focused BE Broadband) and O2 customers were moved over to Sky services, though BE Broadband continues to operate as a separate service for the moment.

Sky has been offering some great deals on its Sky+ and Sky+HD box packages. Sky+ allows you to record programmes - even a whole series of your favourite show - into the box itself, without having to worry about video tapes or DVDs. Click through for our in-depth guide to Sky TV.