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Sky Broadband price rises

A guide to Sky price increases in 2024

Find out how much your Sky Broadband bill will rise in 2024, and whether you can leave without paying a fee if you're unhappy, or struggling to pay the extra.

If you’re a Sky Broadband customer, your bill is set to rise in April 2024.

But, unlike other broadband providers who are charging a blanket rate increase for all customers, your price hike will depend on many factors, including your individual package. As a guide, the average price rise will be around 6.7% (slightly lower than competitor providers).

There’s one bit of good news, though. Unlike other ISPs, who are locking mid-contract customers in, Sky will let you leave your broadband contract early if you’re not happy with these changes.

Let’s explore the finer details.

Sky Broadband price increases: the key points

  • Sky customers should expect a price increase of around 6.7% in April
  • Prices will be frozen for those on ‘Sky Broadband Basics’ social tariff
  • Sky Broadband customers can leave penalty-free within 30 days if they’re unhappy with a price rise
  • Packages that also include a TV bundle will have to pay an early termination fee

Sky 2024 price increase: customer advice

Unlike other big name broadband providers who are raising their prices based on a CPI or RPI rate, most Sky broadband and TV customers will see a more general price rise applied to the cost of their contract in April 2024.

The rates will vary, but the average increase across all Sky products will be 6.7%.

In comparison, the likes of BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk, Virgin and Vodafone will all be imposing higher percentage rates, ranging from 7.7% to the steepest hike this year, from Virgin Media (8.8%).

Last year, the story was similar. Whilst other providers increased their bills by around 14%, Sky’s price increase averaged 8%.

All affected customers will receive a notice from Sky Broadband. In Sky Broadband’s terms and conditions, this is covered by the clause: ‘Sky broadband is variable and our prices and Products can change, even during your Minimum Term.’

How much is Sky broadband going up in 2024?

Sky’s price rise is an average of 6.7%. That makes it very tricky to predict the cost of individual packages. However, as a guide, here’s how that would affect the base rate of the following deals:

Example of the average Sky Broadband price rise in 2024
Sky Package Monthly Price After 6.7% price rise
Sky Broadband Superfast £28 £29.87
Sky Broadband Ultrafast £30 £32.01
Sky Stream, Ultrafast Broadband + Netflix £39 £41.61
Sky Broadband Gigafast £44 £46.94

Which Sky customers will be affected by price increases?

The price hikes will apply to most Sky broadband and TV customers. However, the price will be frozen for those on Sky’s social tariff, ‘Sky Broadband Basics’, or customers deemed to be ‘vulnerable’.

Why do existing Sky customers pay more?

Unfortunately, it’s very rare for customers to get any kind of loyalty bonus or perks from their broadband providers any more. The longer you’re with a broadband provider, the worse your deal will get.

The market is tailored to attracting new customers with incentives including cheaper monthly prices and sign-up rewards. This is the case for all providers, not just Sky.

The Genie

The Genie says...

The best way to combat price hikes is to switch as soon as you’re out of contract.

Can I cancel Sky if it increases prices?

The good news is that once you’ve received confirmation of your price rise, you’ll have 30 days to leave. You won’t have to pay an early termination fee if you’re a Sky Broadband customer. However, you will have to pay early exit fees if you’re also under contract for a TV package.

In comparison, most other providers aren’t allowing customers to leave due to price rises and this is included in the small print of their contracts.

When will Sky next raise its prices?

This particular price hike isn’t classed as a yearly price rise. Sky Broadband products are variable, so prices can be tweaked at any time. However, Sky Broadband customers are currently free to leave, penalty-free, every time they're given notice of a price hike they aren’t happy with.

Can I haggle prices with Sky?

If you feel like you can’t afford your Sky broadband package, it’s important to get in touch with Sky customer services.

If you’re on benefits including Universal Credit, Pension Credit and Income Support, you should be able to request a switch to Sky’s social tariff.

But there are other choices. Anyone will be able to leave within 30 days if they’re unhappy with a price rise, regardless if they’re in or out of contract (although an early termination fee will apply to Sky TV customers).

If you’re out of contract, you can leave Sky Broadband at any time. As we’ve mentioned, switching providers and starting afresh as a new customer is the best way to combat price hikes.

What’s the best Sky broadband alternative?

If you’re currently a Sky Broadband customer, with no extra add-ons, you should find it easy to switch broadband providers.

Sky delivers its services through the Openreach network. Other big name providers who also do this include BT, TalkTalk, Vodafone and Plusnet, and many more.

If you switch to another provider also on the Openreach network, the process couldn’t be simpler! You won’t even have to get in touch with Sky Broadband. Just hit the green 'get deal' button to check out to your new provider, and they’ll do the admin for you.

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The best way to check alternative deals is to enter your address into Broadband Genie’s deals checker.

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  • What is Openreach?

    Openreach is the company that maintains the former British Telecom Network used for the majority of broadband and phone services. If a repair or installation is required, it’s Openreach who will send an engineer, not your provider.

    More than 650 service providers using the Openreach network. That’s the majority of the UK’s broadband providers. This includes Sky, TalkTalk and BT. The exception to this is Virgin Media - it uses its own, separate cable network.

Sky broadband and TV alternatives

All’s not lost. If you’ve been enjoying your Sky TV package, but you can no longer justify the TV prices, there are other alternatives. But we understand that Sky’s TV offerings are tricky to match!

We recommend checking out NOW TV as a cheaper option. This gives you access to selected Sky TV channels, including Sky Sports, but without the lengthy contracts.

The beauty of this, is that you’ll be free to explore some of cheapest internet deals or fastest broadband options and not have to focus on those that offer TV bundles. You could also explore the smaller, alternative network providers (altnets). These are more likely to offer broadband deals with a fixed price promise.

If you’re still keen to have your broadband and TV all under one contract, it’s worth considering BT, TalkTalk and NOW Broadband. All use the same network, so you should have no problems with availability.

For more tips, you can visit our ‘alternatives to Sky TV and Broadband’ page.

To keep a lookout for a great deal and make a switch even more profitable, don’t forget to bookmark our ‘Broadband Rewards and Cashback’ page.

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How can I contact Sky about price rises?

To double-check your contract, your current deal and any scheduled price rises, we recommend signing in to your My Sky account. You can use a messaging service within this portal.

If you’d prefer to speak to an advisor, you can call 0333 759 3455.

For more contact details, visit our Sky customer service guide.

Expert Summary

Although Sky broadband bills will rise in April by an average of 6.7%, if you’ve received notification, but you’re unhappy about the price hike, you’ll be free to leave within 30 days. If you’re a broadband only customer, this will be at no extra cost. However, if you’re signed up to a Sky TV bundle deal, you’ll be charged an early termination fee.

If you’re out of contract, don’t forget you’re free to switch at any time. Although Sky’s price hikes aren’t as harsh as many other big names, there are plenty of smaller providers with a fixed price promise, including Cuckoo Broadband, Lit Fibre, brsk, BeFibre, Hyperoptic and italk.

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