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Sky fibre broadband deals

Find out all about Sky Superfast fibre broadband

Does your slow broadband speed leave you feeling frustrated? Have you been thinking about finding a faster provider? Choosing a Sky Superfast fibre broadband deal could give you better download speeds, and uninterrupted streaming. Carry on reading to discover what Sky Broadband offers, and whether it’s the right package for you.

All about Sky fibre broadband deals

If you’re looking for internet access without lagging or buffering, Sky broadband's fibre packages are a great option. The high-speed fibre optic cables provide significantly improved performance than standard ADSL broadband, and there are some very reasonable fibre deals out there. In this guide we’re going to be checking out the availability of Sky fibre, seeing what it can do and explaining how you can get it.

Can I get Sky fibre broadband in my area?

Sky fibre-optic broadband is widely available across the UK, so most people will be able to access it. But it doesn’t reach every home, so your first step should be to see if it’s accessible to you.

Put your postcode into our Sky fibre checker, below, to see if your area is covered.

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Why do we need your postcode?

Why do we need your postcode?

Once you've entered your postcode, you'll only see deals available to that address. We partner with SamKnows in order to bring you the most accurate information possible (see our privacy policy for further details).

To find out more read our guide to fibre optic broadband availability.

How do I get Sky Superfast Broadband?

It’s easy to get started with a Sky fibre broadband package. Here’s a brief guide to how you do it:

  1. Check that Sky Superfast Broadband is available in your area by entering your postcode in our fibre checker above, or on any of our comparison pages.
  2. Compare the Sky fibre offers available to you, using our comparison tools.
  3. Click on the deal you’re interested in, and follow the steps to sign up with your new service.
  4. Wait for your new broadband to be activated; this takes approximately 14 days.
  5. Set up your new router once the fibre deal has been activated. You can now enjoy your Superfast broadband!

For more information about this, you can read our guide to switching broadband. It also tells you about swapping to Sky Fibre from Virgin Media and vice versa, which is a slightly different process than other providers.

What fibre broadband packages does Sky offer?

Sky has one fibre-optic broadband package that almost everybody will be able to get, plus a couple of cutting edge Ultrafast services which currently have limited availability.

Sky Superfast Fibre

This deal offers unlimited downloads, with average speeds of 59Mb, starting from just over £30 per month. If multiple people will be using the internet in your home, or if it is needed for lots of streaming and downloading, then this might be a good option for you.

Sky Ultrafast 1

Sky Ultrafast 1 is a Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) service which offers an average download speed of 145Mb, with a guaranteed minimum of 100Mb, and costs just over £40 per month. However, only around 10% of homes can currently take advantage of this speed.

Sky Ultrafast 2

The fastest Ultrafast package offers a fast 245Mb for just over £50. But like Ultrafast 1 only a relatively small number of homes can currently sign up for this package.

Is Sky fibre broadband any good?

Is Sky Superfast Fibre the package for you? Every provider has its pros and cons, and here is a brief outline of Sky’s advantages and disadvantages.

We like...

  • Truly unlimited broadband
  • Free evening and weekend calls
  • Free public Wi-Fi access

We don’t like...

  • Sky Superfast has a slower average fibre speed than many competitors
  • No option for a cheaper and slower fibre package

For a more detailed examination of what Sky can offer, see our full Sky broadband review.

Sky fibre broadband vs BT, EE, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media

How does Sky compare to its competitors? The table below shows average download speeds, pricing and extras compared against some of the most popular competing ISPs.

Provider Average speeds Cheapest price Fastest package price Notable extras
Sky 36Mb / 59Mb / 145Mb / 245Mb £27 (36Mb) £39 (59Mb) Free Wi-Fi.
EE 36Mb / 67Mb £26 (36Mb) £30 (67Mb) £50 bill credit. Mobile data boost
BT 36Mb / 50Mb / 67Mb / 145Mb / 300Mb £26.99 (36Mb) £39.99 (67Mb) Free Wi-Fi. Free BT Sport 1.
TalkTalk 36Mb / 67Mb £23.50 (38Mb) £23.50 (67Mb)  
Virgin Media 54Mb / 108Mb / 213Mb / 362Mb / 518Mb £26 (108Mb) £89 (516Mb) Free Wi-Fi.

Prices correct as of 09/19.

Sky’s Superfast fibre comes in slightly slower than the fastest speeds of some of the competition, at 59Mb, compared with the 67Mb you can get with providers such as BT, EE and TalkTalk. Still, it is a relatively small difference, and as it's an average, you may find the connection is faster than quoted.

The above is only a small selection of all available providers on Broadband Genie, and there’s a lot of competition at the budget end of the market. Sky is also one of the more expensive options, although it does come with free calls.

Is Sky fibre internet right for me?

While a faster internet speed is good to have, it’s not essential. If you’re the only person using the broadband and you aren’t regularly downloading large files or streaming HD videos, then you might prefer to save money with a cheaper ADSL package.

Get Sky fibre if…

You share your broadband. Fibre optic broadband is much better than ADSL for multiple users as it provides more bandwidth.

You often download files. Fibre optic can handle large file downloads in a much quicker time than ADSL.

You often upload files. If you frequently send large files - such as YouTube video uploads - you’ll find that fibre optic internet offers much faster upload speeds.

You’re a gamer. Game downloads can be massive, so fibre lets you enjoy the latest releases a lot sooner. Fibre is also better suited to hosting multiplayer servers.

You like to stream video. Streaming high-definition video from services like Netflix can be extremely demanding. A fibre service can stream even UHD 4K quality without buffering.