28% put off switching by a bad experience with their last provider swap

28% of broadband users who’ve switched providers would be put off swapping ISPs again due to a bad experience.

That’s one of the findings from our recent broadband switching survey. In light of the forthcoming changes to the switching process we asked 2,066 of you for your opinion on swapping providers.

1,237 said they have switched provider at least once before, and of those 9% indicated the experience had been ‘unsatisfactory’. Most of you who have had problems said that it was due to being left without service for an extended period of time (22%) or the whole process just taking too long (30%), but other reasons for dissatisfaction included additional payments being taken without permission, the need to request a MAC code multiple times and being bothered by the previous provider to switch back. 16% also reported that it cost more than expected; indeed our survey found that 68% of you have no idea what it would cost to switch.

These negative experiences led to 28% saying they would be put off a switch in the future, with a further 54% indicating that it might make them think twice.

The new switching rules are aimed at making things clearer and simpler for all parties, so it should reduce the number of problems and encourage more of us to switch. Notably, providers must make greater efforts to simultaneously switch phone and broadband services with the minimum interruption so we would hope that future ISP swaps go a lot smoother.


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