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  • happy

    by Hos at 12:41 on 29 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    I've had one of my best customer experiences in the UK with these guys. I only needed their service for a short period of time, so their monthly rolling option (with 100 Gig bandwidth) was a good fit.
    I had to cancel my order for some reason and unlike other telecom companies I've had the experience of cancelling with, they helped me and processed the refund as fast as they could.
    Definitely, will try them again.

  • neutral

    by not at 23:11 on 8 Apr 2012 Report abuse

    Little use reading contrived 'reviews' when the 'Packages' link just leads back to the same fecking page...

  • happy

    by Pez at 20:33 on 23 Feb 2012 Report abuse

    Switched from BT (must stand for "Bloody Terrible") to Zen a couple of months ago and it's simply great! The customer service was great from day 1, the salesmen even give you their extension number so you can contact them personally, as opposed to explaining what's going on and facing the spanish inquisition every time you phone up.... AHEM BT

    I notice a lot of people commenting that the bandwidth is expensive if you go over your limit, I guess if you use more than 100gb a month it's not for you, but I'm on their 50 gig package at the moment and I've spent a fiver here and there getting an extra 5 gig just in case, but haven't actually gone over it yet (they even send you e-mails at 50, 75 and 90 %)

    In my general opinion, they're a great no frills provider, you get a stable connection, at the exact speed they promise 24/7, no BS

    Good job zen!!!

  • unhappy

    by Brian Mitchell at 12:17 on 20 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    Went from BT (hopeless email via Yahoo) to Zen on recommendation. Now too expensive, miles of email address, and they can't fix my outgoing email for more than 3 weeks. Most of my work is emailing articles globally. I'm now going elsewhere.

  • neutral

    by jeff thomson at 19:02 on 19 Sep 2011 Report abuse

    been with zen for years - feel i am paying too much for a slow internet service. they don't seem to want to improve or catch up with competition. looking for alternative broadband provided as feel zen taking its customers for granted. they not even trying .......

  • happy

    by craig chambers at 16:18 on 31 Jan 2011 Report abuse

    I've been with Zen since 2002 and the only problems I've ever encountered were when it turned out BT had been fiddling with either the cabinet or the telegraph pole that supplies our telephone line. On both occasions, having been informed that BT had been messing around, Zen quickly got things sorted out for me.

    I'm a mile from the exchange and get reliable sync at 6.5 mbps seemingly at all times. My connection is via a router into which my permanently on server is plugged, and my connection is permanently available (BT messing about notwithstanding)

    The 8 mbps package now allows 50GB of downloads and this is more than enough for our IPTV usage along with browsing and music downloading/streaming.

  • neutral

    by Janet at 10:41 on 14 Nov 2010 Report abuse

    I have been a customer with Zen for three years and have experienced very little problems. My only grouse is that, as above, there is a very meagre download allowance considering the monthly subscription charge.

  • neutral

    by mark at 13:22 on 26 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Zen customer servicie is awful. Zen have just cut me off for exceeding my download limit, except I'm a network engingeer and so I got my router logs which proved that I'd not exceeded the limit. In fact I proved that I'd only downloaded 700Meg in a period when they said I'd downloaded 8 gigs.

    Worse they made me email a photo of the logs to them from my mobile because they wouldn't even reenable the line so I could email it directly too them. Then they accused me of forging the photo!

    I challenged them to enable my line and look at the logs themselves, they refused. I'm currently cut off and only able to use the internet via a mobile dongle. I've been with them 10 years, I've NEVER come even close to exceeding my download limit. That alone should convince them to at least check.

    In dealing with them I've found that their network engineers do not understand basic networking and are very rude and insulting (who trains their support staff to call customers liers?).

    My advice is to avoid Zen.

  • happy

    by Simon at 8:51 on 22 Sep 2010 Report abuse

    Having switched over to Zen from Plusnet, i can happily say their service is everything that Plusnet's was not. It's fast, reliable, and the customer support are prompt and helpful in their responses. They've managed to give me a stable 6MB connection on the same line on which Plusnet were struggling to give me download speeds of 15k/s at peak times.

    Sure it costs a bit more, but in this case at least the old adage is true - you do get what you pay for.

  • happy

    by Vikram at 16:11 on 4 May 2010 Report abuse

    I'v been with zen for a long time now (a good 3-4 years) and their service is by far the best I've had. I used to be with BT but my speed was reduced by them because of their fair use policy. Their customer service was also dreadful...I chose to switch to Zen because they had no fair use policy and instead just had a download allowance making it more simple and easier. In the past year or so my household has been using the internet a lot more due to online gaming and as a result we often went over the download limit. However I've just heard the downloading allowances are going to be doubled next month so I'm really happy…Obviously a lot of other customers were also going over their download allowances hence their decision to double it.

  • neutral

    by D R at 19:43 on 17 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Have been with Zen for a few years now having suffered a dreadful service from Orange. Havent had to contact Zen the whole time we have had them because nothing has gone wrong. Not super fast but Ok for our family use. Downside is a very meagre download allowance. Makes this service too expensive and I am now looking to change ISP. Loathe to leave a good service but at £24.99 a month and sometimes having to buy extra download the cost is far too high in comparison to others.

  • unhappy

    by Adam at 12:09 on 3 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    Zen used to be great, and the actual BB provision still is.

    Unfortunately their previously good customer service and billing team seem to have been replaced in the last year or two with some of the most unhelpful and dimwitted people I have ever spoken to.

    It's a pity to see a once useful company spoilt like this, and I hope they'll get their act together again sometime.

  • happy

    by Channing Walton at 21:33 on 7 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I've been with Zen for 3 years and not had a single issue. Their staff were very helpful when I first set it up but I haven't needed to talk to them since...I am sure they are very nice ;)

  • neutral

    by darrow at 11:06 on 23 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Zen are very reliable, as others have said, but they are expensive. If you absolutely must have high reliability then choose Zen. Their low download limits are becoming a problem for me. I am avoiding using Iplayer and internet radio to keep within the limit and it bugs me. I may take a chance and move elsewhere.

  • neutral

    by Nik m at 20:42 on 13 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Trying to give whole picture here.. sorry in advance for the long review.

    I live in a semi rural area, approx. 1.5 miles from exchange .

    My first ISP was Pipex which at first they were ok, then they got bought out (I think) and everything went belly up, I was eventually forced to contact the people I thought would help (Otello) and what a joke that was. I threw in the towel and gave up, went with Virgin who literally couldn't provide me with speeds beyond half a Mb, less than dialup most of the time with speeds around 70-190kbps, It really took some proving with many phone calls/emails but eventually I was refunded and all my fees since sign up and released the 12 month contract[ don't even get me started on those!] from without fee.

    Then, I met Zen, Liked the idea of a monthly contract (why don't more do that?) I had nearly signed up with them in the first place but went with the cheaper companies... as you do. I learned the hard way, very hard way but now I have had no speed issues at all, I am at a constant 6Mb which very occasionally drops to 3 or 4 Mb at peak times (6pm - 11pm) though this really is so occasional it really is not an issue but I thought to mention it to give total picture.

    I pay for the service with a 25Gb limit which costs me 25 £ a month thereabouts. I've been with Zen for 3 years now.

    Trouble is that my usage is increasing this past year as services on the web increase/improve, consequently the 25Gb limit is used rather too quickly which leaves me 'topping up' with extra bandwidth (priced at £1.46 per GB) at first this wasn't a problem but now its costing too much, simply too expensive.

    It is now at the point where I'm using on average 50GB per month and the costs are getting astronomical just for a broadband service.

    I realize bandwidth costs and quality tech know how are not cheap and Zen do provide a decent service (should be the UK benchmark IMHO) but to cap people at 25GB in this day is a little on the mean side though this limit was upped from 20GB recently! I belive they could do much much better on that side of things... I used my 25GB by the 9th September 09...

    I think we should be able to get some kind of 'pic and mix' type service from Zen rather than the absurdly low usage limits we currently have. One such idea which would suit me great is a customer being able to choose a higher usage limit in exchange for a lower download speed.

    I would happily sit with say. 2 or 3Mb down and 800kbps upload speeds with a 50GB limit for around 30£. and I believe many other would too! A survey required ?

    At present I am looking for an alternative to Zen (and have been for several months) as the usage limits are bordering the ridiculous, trouble is finding one in my area ...both BE and O2 cannot provide their services because their network isn't yet operating in my area.

    To be honest I'm at a loss on what t do, unless Zen increase the limits soon I'm going to have to seriously curb my families net usage, I'm understandably not eager to do that....so it's look for another ISP, I can't find one...and the circle continues :(

  • happy

    by Jb42 at 23:18 on 21 Jul 2009 Report abuse

    Been with Zen since 2002. No issues whatsoever, apart from when BT took half of Manchester down a few years back. But no issues with Zen. You get to talk to UK people without being put in queues. I've migrated from about 7 different internet companies over 6 years before that and dealt with some real mickey mouse (the joe bloggs advertise on TV sell them cheap - stack em high type companies). It's nice to have a professional internet company - you just end up forgetting about it, because they are so reliable. Yes, its expensive compared to the 'cheapies' - but you get what you pay for. I learned this the hard way. But I am not going to give up professionalism and reliability and go back to to those over-subscribed 'cheapies' again stuck in high tarrif phone queues in hydrabad. No ta.

  • happy

    by Mark at 21:27 on 28 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with many broadband providers but I joined a company that used Zen for their business ISP needs. I was really impressed with the way Zen worked and their staff were easy to get hold of and were really helpful and really knew their stuff. As such I signed up to Zen for my own personal broadband and have had nothing but an efficient and reliable service ever since. Would happily recommend Zen to anyone, business and personel alike.

  • happy

    by John at 20:39 on 18 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I've been with Zen 8mb (25GB per month download limit with upload unlimited) for the past six years after trying several different ISP's.

    Would I change? No way, they are simply the best broadband providers on the planet. I've not had one single problem since joining them but have phoned a couple of times to check various things for friends I've sent their way and found their staff's knowledge to be superb.

    If you want a service that you can rely on 100% 24/7 then join Zen. Its so reliable that one tends to get bored at times because it just works faultless all the time. I know that when I boot my PC up each morning then I'm going to be on-line within 30 seconds and stay on-line untill I decide to log off no matter how long that may be, its just there all the time doing its job and gets taken for granted.

    I'm 1 mile from the exchange so quality of line is very good and I get constant test speeds of 6.5Mb with lows during busy periods of 5.5Mb If actually downloading a program or aplication then it comes through at a constant 650 to 700 kbps, just can't ask for a better service.

    PS: Not one single spam mail through my zen account in all the time I've been with them although I do get quite a few through my hotmail account.

    Regards, John

  • unhappy

    by Jason at 17:04 on 7 Apr 2009 Report abuse

    I have to agree with an earlier comment - excellent service and reliable but extrememely expensive with paathetically low maximum downloads...I have to 'top-up' my allowance every month and it adds considerably to an already expensive package. Also, the download and upload speeds are slow compared to what is curretly available

  • happy

    by Richard at 17:05 on 11 Mar 2009 Report abuse

    I have used Zen for about 8 years and I must say the service is flawless and have migrated many other companies to there service. I have thought about migrating myself because they do seem a little expensive compared to Sky for example, but I need my internet for work. If you are looking for broadband and don't mind the cost then Zen is the one for you without a doubt.

  • unhappy

    by Rich at 11:30 on 12 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    I was with Zen for less than a year. I loved the speed of activation, the support staff were great. I found it incredibly easy to set up. However, I left Zen because of the download caps. I thought I was not a heavy user but month after month I exceeded the cap and it was getting very expensive. You may be asking what I was doing to exceed my limit. 4 weekly iTunes pod casts, 2 BBC iPlayer shows and Windows updates. The finance team at Zen were not as easy to deal with as the technical people. To be honest it was because of the people that I joined Zen and it was because of a different group of people that I left Zen.
    Nice service shame about the staff.

  • happy

    by RT at 16:09 on 9 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    I have been with Zen since 2001. Faultless service and knowledgable staff who don't treat technical users like idiots. Have since migrated three other DSL lines I oversee and have received the same fantastic service.

  • happy

    by Blue at 21:01 on 4 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Have been with zen for approx 2yrs.Cannot fault the service and back up, all at local call rates,and uk based.As stated by other people not cheap,i pay £17.50 per month for 5gb and 8meg download,did have problems at first but it was not zens fault it was the telephone line,Bt sorted it in the end,I would not change zen for any other broadband provider,none of them come anywhere near zen,keep up the good work.

  • happy

    by roy at 12:50 on 17 May 2007 Report abuse

    I switched to Zen from Orange in Oct 2006 and I must say the service has been faultless. I received first class assistance setting up with telephone contact and speaking to someone who knew what he was talking about. I pay £17.99 monthly; exactly what I was paying with Orange. I know I can get cheaper Broadband but there is no substitute for good service.

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