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As of October 2021, SSE have temporarily paused new customer acquisition on broadband. This means that, until further notice, SSE broadband deals are not available. We have a wide array of great offers available from other providers, which you can find below.

SSE Broadband: October 2021

SSE broadband, as of October 2021, are temporarily pausing their broadband deals. However, we do have a great range of deals from other providers, which you can check out below:

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If you'd like to learn about SSE, then you can find more information about them below.

About SSE broadband

SSE is best known as one of the “big six” energy providers. But as well as electricity and gas, it can also pipe fast broadband into your home.

SSE offers good value unlimited Fibre and phone packages, and SSE energy customers benefit from additional discounts and freebies.

What does SSE broadband offer?

Like most home broadband providers, SSE uses the Openreach (BT line) telephone network to deliver services. This means that most homes across the country have the option of two different types of broadband, and all you need is a phone line.


  • Fibre optic

Fibre broadband is much faster than ADSL - SSE offers two different tiers with an average download speed of either 35Mb or 63Mb.

Fibre optic will let you download files very quickly and can easily handle high definition video streams. It’s recommended if the connection is shared because everyone can comfortably use broadband at the same time. It is a little more expensive, though the entry-level 35Mb service is just a few pounds more than ADSL.


A phone line is included with all SSE broadband packages, and the prices you see above include the cost of both broadband and phone line rental. SSE does not offer broadband only so you must purchase the phone and broadband as a bundle.

There are optional inclusive call packages available for an additional monthly fee, recommended if you often use the landline for voice calls.

SSE broadband coverage and speed

Because SSE uses the Openreach telephone network, most homes across the country can get their broadband services. You must have - or be able to install - a telephone line and be within the range of a telephone exchange that supports it, but this will not be a problem for most premises.

You can enter a postcode below to check if your exchange can get SSE. When signing up, checks will be carried out to confirm availability at your property, and you will be given an accurate speed estimate.

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SSE broadband speed

SSE broadband can offer the following speeds:

  • SSE Unlimited Fibre: 35Mb average download
  • SSE Unlimited Fibre Plus: 63Mb average download

SSE broadband usage limits and traffic management

SSE broadband is completely unlimited; you can download and upload as much as you like without worrying about extra charges or restrictions.

SSE does use traffic management. Their policy states this is used to prioritise time-sensitive activities such as VOIP, online gaming and VPNs, and restrict the speed of peer-to-peer file-sharing or other traffic which can negatively impact its network.

SSE broadband - in summary

SSE can be very cheap, and there are additional bonuses if you also use SSE for gas or electricity. But the traffic management policy could be problematic as it can mean a reduction in speeds for activities like peer-to-peer file sharing. This won’t be an issue for everyone; if it is for you, there's no shortage of providers that offer completely unrestricted connections without traffic management.

To find out more read our full SSE broadband review.

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